Blimery! It’s a Colourful Limery!


A Ruddy Pepper

Phew, what a scorcher! Today (19th July 2016), the UK is roasting with temperatures into the 30s (centigrade that is. If it were Fahrenheit, there really would be a problem, possibly with my ability to differentiate between hot and cold). In fact, it is too hot for me so I have largely stayed inside, staring at the cold black and white of the electronic document that is my next novel.


A Blooming Sunflower

BUT… we all need colour in our lives so here is some, courtesy of the wonder that is the Limery! It’s almost a rainbow, but more edible. Enjoy!



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6 thoughts on “Blimery! It’s a Colourful Limery!

  1. pat2727

    A wondrous place indeed! 🙂

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  2. Oh, for the warmth of 30 degrees! (It has been chilly at this end of the world.) And I loved your brilliant flowers and the blue sky. Lovely.

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    • I thought with all the rubbish going on in the World right now, some colourful nature would be cheery, if only to me! As for the temperature, we aren’t used to it so having complained about the summer being too cool, now we are complaining about “the heatwave”. It isn’t easy being British! 🙂

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  3. I do love seeing the progress of the plants in the Limery, and yesterday was just the sort of weather they probably love – like you, we spent our day indoors, as just a few minutes outside had us roasting :/
    I was glad to read that you’re doing stuff with your next book – I’ve already reserved what little space I have left on my bookcases for a copy, once it’s published 🙂
    No, it isn’t easy being British – that was our Summer yesterday, and now I know why people complain that it goes by so fast! Lol

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