HatTrick – The Movie


Rosalind and her hat

Becasue writer’s procrastination is a wonderful thing to behold, I have created a second stop/go animation featuring the delightful Vaarks and their antics. Now I really do have to go and finish my novel (although there is the controller for the plastic recycling machine to be wired up too).

Please click here to view the movie!


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7 thoughts on “HatTrick – The Movie

  1. That is one of the most fabulous things I have ever, ever seen!

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  2. pat2727

    You are well on your way to animation fame!

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  3. You are having fun and Jan’s creations are the perfect stars!!

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  4. You’re an amazingly talented man Jon.

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  5. I loved it – now go finish that book, as I’m getting frazzled waiting for it! Lol

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