Plastic – Recycle Locally 4


Wow! I switched it on and the Universe didn’t explode.

OK, I know, by now you would have thought that I would be up to my eyes in stuff made out of the plastic that I recycled myself. And, to be honest, that’s what I think too. You know what they say – “If wishes were horses… it would be mayhem every time someone blew the candles out on their birthday cake.” Well, there is a veritable stable of knackered horses on my work bench right now. The desire to process this waste material grows with every milk carton I cut up into the bucket o’plastic, which is labelled HDPE but the Snail thinks says HOPE.


Ah, a bucket of Hope. In a post-modern ironic way, not only does this bucket contain HDPE 2 plastic, it is also MADE of the stuff.

Actually, it isn’t too bad. It’s just the cheap, emphasis on cheap, temperature controllers are proving somewhat erratic when it comes to doing their job. They have one job – control the temperature. Easy, huh? Just read the instructions…


The main heading visible says “6.” then a whole lot of other stuff, probably not important.

Now, my Mandarin isn’t better than being able to count to ninety-nine and say thank you, so the instructions supplied were a little out of my depth to understand. I have found two sets of translated instructions on t’interweb and they are both slightly different from each other. Neither seems to quite describe the setting of the C100 modules I have bought.

After a lot of finagling and swearing (mostly the latter) I think I have one working now. As a test, I was going to use a baked bean tin to melt the plastic in but I am concerned about the BPA liner contaminating my nice recycled plastic.So, I am going to melt the plastic on a piece of the case of an old hard disk drive (would you expect anything less of me?) atop a ceramic tile as in the picture below. I am actually using a different bit of casing after the glue on the one in the picture took up smoking at a low temperature).


A Temperature Controller, a jam thermometer, a heater and a piece of hard drive casing. Local recycling starts like this! Note the complete lack of plastic – this was a test of the electrics.

Hopefully, I will be able to make a bit of headway in reducing the volume of plastic bits in the bucket o’ plastic. HOPE? Well, maybe…




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3 thoughts on “Plastic – Recycle Locally 4

  1. The British habit of regarding istruction booklets as only for whimps or emergencies is an honourable one and mostly we seem to get by! If younreally need any more excuse remember that ‘slow and simple solutions’ is a permaculture principle.

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  2. I’m afraid I have to agree with Mrs Snail – it defo looks like ‘Hope’ to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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