Of Mice and Shrews


Wood mouse? Of course, it would.

I took part in a Dormouse survey at Denmark Farm the other day. It was a fabulous day, six hours spent walking across the whole site checking the 45 nest boxes, scattered throughout the site, for signs of dormice. These small mammals are losing their habitat quicker than you can say “Cute!” and have an important place in the ecosystem (along with pretty much everything else except slugs and most politicians).

None have ever actually been found at Denmark Farm but, following a tell-tale nibble mark on a nut found in one of the fields, 6-monthly surveys of the mammal nesting boxes have been carried out. Would we find one this time?


A cotton bud. Or a pygmy shrew.


A duck-billed Platypus. Or a pygmy shrew.

No. But these Wood mouse and pygmy shrew pictures were just too cute not to share.


A Wood mouse trying to impersonate a pygmy shrew.

Maybe there will be dormice in the spring…


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8 thoughts on “Of Mice and Shrews

  1. Chatting to one of the Wildlife Trust for South West Wales staff a few weeks ago, she told me that there is evidence of dormice in this area venturing outside their usual environment in search of new habitat, and she didn’t laugh in my face when I dared to suggest we might put up dormice next boxes around our place! So you never know, maybe next year you’ll find some…..

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  2. pat2727

    Major cuteness! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous little creatures that should be preserved ( no, not in alcohol) by creating new habitats for them where the old ones disappear. It would be as much a shame to lose some of out small wild species as it is the big,

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