Poem: And then the leaves fell


Look at the colours.
Breathe that air.
Kick through those leaves.
Just because they’re there.

Snap that stick.
Kick that stone.
Feel the sun.
Feel at one.

Leave the world
far behind.
Forget your life,
the daily grind.

Imagine that tree
is a castle tall.
Imagine kicking that stone
didn’t hurt at all.

And the leaves fell

With the sound of rain

But I didn’t notice

No, I didn’t notice

Because I was too busy

Being nine again.



Pictures were taken at Denmark Farm 1st November 2016


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2 thoughts on “Poem: And then the leaves fell

  1. I love the poem 🙂

    For me, autumn is always a time of renewal (I guess that’s because I was born near the end of September), and also because I associate the smell of fallen leaves decaying, and the faint smell of smoke from bonfires, with the leaves being used as a mulch to protect the flower beds over the coming winter, renewing all the goodness needed for new growth in the spring 🙂

    It always take me back to my childhood, especially with the memories of walking through the fallen leaves, kicking them up into the air, releasing that wonderful smell, and with the leaves crunching to my footsteps, just before the rains start that wonderful process of decay and change 🙂

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