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Wednesdays’ don’t fare well in song lyrics. The best they can hope for is Freddie Mercury bicycling in their evening*; the worst must surely be Robert Smith who plans for either a broken heart or a heart attack** (he clearly isn’t a fan of Tuesday either).

Even Paul Simon decided that early on a Wednesday morning was the perfect time to ponder the recklessness of his youth and the fact he had just robbed an off-licence***.

My Wednesdays are far less eventful, and thank goodness. There are too many hills for bicycling, my heart is perfectly fine thank you very much, and I think the nearest off-licence is about twenty miles away, and possibly located in 1996. No, I choose to come here – my “office” at Denmark farm – to work on the two books I am currently writing.

Out the window there are birds squabbling over the peanuts in the bird feeder. I have a camera set up taking a picture every 15 seconds. After a few hours, I will retrieve it and put together a time lapse movie of bird shenanigans. Meanwhile, I am in an old mansion in a Scottish forest in 2083, about to fool my main character into thinking he has found his grail – a tin of baked beans.

And even better, someone has just brought me a cup of coffee.

What’s with Wednesdays? They’re great!


* I go out to work on Monday morning
Tuesday I go off to honeymoon
I’ll be back again before it’s time for sunny-down,
I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Bicycling on every Wednesday evening
Thursday I go waltzing to the zoo (Lazing on  a Sunday Afternoon, Queen)

** Tuesday Wednesday break my heart (Friday I’m in Love, The Cure)

*** My life seems unreal,
My crime an illusion,
A scene badly written
In which I must play.
Yet I know as I gaze
At my young love beside me,
The morning is just a few hours away. (Wednesday Morning 3 a.m.)

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10 thoughts on “My Wednesday Space

  1. pat2727

    You have a great “office.” Any day of the week. 🙂

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  2. coppicelearner

    Glad you are enjoying your residency! Sounds a lovely place to work.

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  3. oooh, 2 books on the go!
    Stop staring out the window (no matter what shenanigans the birds are up to), and get cracking with the writing, Sir! Lol

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    • I promise I was – I set the camera up and let it do a time lapse so I can watch the shenanigans later (the video will be on Youtube when I have done a soundtrack). It was a perfect day for writing, it rained constantly! 🙂

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  4. Don’t forget She’s Leaving Home…The Beatles, which starts on Wednesday morning at 5.00 am and is also the start of a bad day for Ma and Pa.On the other hand maybe the start of a great day for te daughter?
    Good going with the writing.
    Hugs Jon.

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    • Oh yes, well, I HAD forgotten She’s leaving home and it is a worthy candidate for the denigration of Wednesday’s so thank you for reminding me. Such a well-written song (both music and lyrics) too.
      Hugs to you too! 🙂

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  5. Let me add The Easybeats’ “Friday on my mind” to your list of songs that give Wednesdays a hard time

    Monday mornin’ feels so bad
    Ev’rybody seems to nag me
    Comin’ Tuesday I feel better
    Even my old man looks good
    Wed’sday just don’t go
    Thursday goes too slow
    I’ve got Friday on my mind

    Read more: Easybeats – Friday On My Mind Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    Your Wednesdays sound wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I had never heard of The Easybeats and this song (although the words look familiar-ish) so by the magic of Youtube, I have been transported back to 1966. Splendid stuff! Another song and group to add to the list in my brain of handy pop facts for pub quizzes! 🙂


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