New Editor, no not Osborne

I have several excuses for not blogging more often than I do, and many of these reasons are almost entirely spurious. In my defence, although my claim that “a hundred giraffes prevented me from reaching my keyboard”, the truth is that the number was far less. Exactly a hundred less, in fact.

One thing I do find slows me down is the WordPress editor, which seems to conspire against me a lot of the time, particularly when it comes to placing pictures, or general layout considerations.











Whilst looking on the internet for substantial giraffe excluders, I came across the program I am using now – Open Live Writer, which is a free piece of software that is, essentially, Microsoft Word, but connected to your blog. Well, my blog. In theory, it should allow me to use a Word-like program, which I am extremely familiar with, to create my posts. Here goes… I am going to place some pictures of small cute animals I met last week at the Small Breeds Farm in Kington all over the page and see what happens.


I still need to publish this as a draft to my blog first because I don’t seem to be able to set up the Featured Image and the Twitter message, but it is still quicker to write and handle the pictures in Open Live Writer first. Oh, and picture captions don’t seem to be a thing either.

OK, well that seemed easier! Now, where to buy those giraffe excluders…


Open Live Writer is available as an app thingy from the Windows store – I think it only runs on Windows 10 at the moment.

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6 thoughts on “New Editor, no not Osborne

  1. pat2727

    The images in the blog have not come up for me. I do get a link to view the images online. What is it about owls? They are serious, vicious predators and yet we see them as adorably cute. Our minds work in strange ways. 🙂

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  2. I love the pics of the Owls – and the cute lamb – can you do this as often as possible, please? Lol

    I’m always battling with ways do do stuff on WordPress, as they don’t make it easy, or very clear, how to access so many things, especially for tech-idiots like myself. I guess I could change to another Blog provider, but dread the thought of trying to work out yet another system! :/

    I hope you do well with the Open Live Writer stuff 🙂


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