There’s no Stopping it!


5th March 2017 – a new Pea Obelisk


5th May 2017 – there’s more Obelisk than there was before!

The tutor for the willow weaving course at Denmark Farm in March said that if we left our creations out on soil, they would grow. He wasn’t kidding!

As Conchita Wurst said after winning Euovision in 2014, “We are unstoppable!” She was, of course, talking about willow.



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10 thoughts on “There’s no Stopping it!

  1. And if you do not move it soon it will be a permanent feature in your garden!

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  2. pat2727

    Looks like the peas are going to have some strong competition. 🙂

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  3. Years ago, Mr Night Owl wove some willow fences as windbreaks for our garden, as it was exposed to quite high winds, and every single piece of it struck, and we ended up with a living fence 🙂
    We used to refer to it as Tenko, after the TV series, as we felt imprisoned every time we sat in it 🙂

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