Why I’m Walking for Wildlife


It’s a waste bin, it’s the Earth – go on, guess the symbolic meaning…

I promise this will be my almost probably last post about my sponsored walk! On 28th April 2018, I will walking from Aberaeron (in West Wales, UK) to Lampeter (er, still in West Wales, UK). I thought you should know why (apart from the obvious “because he’s totally bonkers” reason).

Wildlife worldwide is in crisis and it isn’t just cute furry animals, pretty flowers, or the other living things lucky enough to have come under Sir David Attenborough’s scrutiny. There is pretty much no order of life that hasn’t been negatively affected by human activities. One of the problems that humans appear to have is why the loss of an ape, a snail, a frog, a tiny water-borne flea or a mammoth elephant might matter.

When I say every living thing is connected to every other living thing, some of you will roll your eyes and zone out, probably thinking I am a lost hippy from the 60s. OK, feel free to do that. It doesn’t change the fact that every living thing is connected to every other living thing. So what you do to stuff affects everything else, and vice versa.

Places like Denmark Farm provide a sanctuary for wildlife, a place where nature happens, despite human activities. If it were to close, it wouldn’t be too long before another native habitat of a pile of British flora and fauna would disappear forever.

It seems no government ever really cares enough about the global environment to protect its native wildlife. It gives huge grants to companies to build infrastructure deemed “essential” whilst failing to see anything other than political and financial gain. Conservation Centres like Denmark Farm struggle on, feeding the rural economy and maintaining the precious ecosystem as best it can. Without that most unnatural of things, money, it simply cannot survive just like the short-tailed bumblebee (declared extinct in 2000).

Here’s the bottom line: destroy the flora and fauna and you cease to have a viable planet to live on. Unless there is some infrastructure company about to build us a new one (where are the Magratheans when you need them?*) then being able to travel from Leeds to London in an hour or so will be utterly, utterly pointless.

That is why I am Walking for Wildlife, for Denmark Farm and the Planet Earth.

Please give generously at: https://localgiving.org/fundraising/21miles4denmarkfarm/




  • Legendary planet builders, according to Douglas Adams.
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7 thoughts on “Why I’m Walking for Wildlife

  1. Reblogged this on The Snail of Happiness and commented:
    Mr Snail is undertaking a sponsored walk next week to support Denmark Farm – an amazing local conservation charity where he is now a trustee. Here’s his post about it, with a link to the page where you can sponsor him… even a small amount will help as the charity will get some extra money if they get enough individual sponsors.

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  2. pat

    I had an experience today that I think touches on the problem with the human attitude. A woman who’s blog I was following posted several photos of taxidermied animals she’d seen in a tackle shop. And then mused about how many defenseless animals would be safe because the wolf was no longer there to eat them. I made a comment about the difference between trophy hunting and killing to eat and stopped following the blog. I’m afraid humans think they have a right to do what they want with this world. The environmental movement is taking away that right and a lot of folks don’t like it. I’m afraid it’s going to take generations for this thinking to change. It’s getting better, but slowly.

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  3. Just made a donation 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the info! I visited their website and now I really want to go there…

    The workshop on bushcraft sounds amazing, shame that it’s done on a date I’m not able to attend… Would you know if there any more such course scheduled soon?

    In fact, I would like to attend a number of them – leather craft, basket making etc. The only issue is that I have to travel by public transport

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the walk!!

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    • Many and huge thanks for the donation, that is very greatly appreciated! I am just about to set off to the start line.
      I will check with Mara, who does all the event organisation, and see when bushcraft is up again. Most of the craft-based courses run at least once a year, and many run a few times in a year. As for travelling, if you can get to Carmarthen, I am sure the Snail and I can sort out a lift! 🙂

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