ScrapHappy July 2018: Pal-let it Be


Daisy checking PalletCart for Regalness

For me, “Hard” scrapping (as opposed to “soft scrapping which is what all you wonderful knitters and crocheters do) tends to be either things that start and are completed quite quickly or projects that languish forever in the corner of a workshop or under a workbench. Over the next few months, I hope to share with you examples of both.

This month, I would like to show you a completed project that used that most versatile of re-usable material: pallets. They are usually free, should never be wasted (but often are) and have spawned a whole new Scrappy field, mostly converting this wonderful resource into furniture of all descriptions and uses.

So here’s a useful cart (what I did earlier to misquote Ernie Wise)  for moving things around on, built out of a scrap pallet, scrap wheels and axles and a bit of rope. This was designed for moving small weighty items through the gap between our backdoor step and the raised beds, a space that is too narrow for our smart cart (not so smart now, eh?).

PalletCart 1: It begins

PalletCart 2: It continues

PalletCart 3: When will it end?

PalletCart 4: Paint my wagon

PalletCart 5: That’s a load off, er, on

PalletCart 6: What the Romans did for us



PalletCart at rest after a hard day’s carting

Next month: Rescuing a table…


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8 thoughts on “ScrapHappy July 2018: Pal-let it Be

  1. Well, the Purple Pallet Cart had me hooked from the word go. I went and read the entire saga, and you are clearly a maker of my own ilk when it comes to wooden items. But so Perfectly Purple is the cart that one is prepared to overlook its, um, idiosyncrasies. Purpura sit beatitudo… And so distinctly scrappy, too!


  2. Yes, the purple color color got my attention right away too! But of course…Daisy is the star! Great blog you have here and I look forward to see more! Cheers, Johanna

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  3. this is my kind of scrap ! #ReuseIsBetterThanRecycle 😉

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  4. claire93

    recycling pallets and in purple too! I’ll have to get husband to read this! He recycles any pallets he can find, but usually for things like building frames for a new compost heap or so we have wooden decking to walk on in between the rows of veggies in garden.

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    • They are a very versatile resource particularly when you take them apart. And purple is really hard to beat for outside things (as my next ScrapHappy post will show)!

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  5. dezertsuz

    What a great idea! My favorite use for these is to turn them into standing herbariums. It takes very little work and you can have your whole herb garden growing in one pallet!

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  6. Awesome dog!

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