ScrapHappy August : Barely Palletable

A Slightly Deeper Purple than this in real life

A Slightly Deeper Purple than this in real life

Continuing the ‘hard’ scraphappy theme, this month, because I said I would as much as anything else, I will direct you towards my series of posts on Pallet Table. This was a project I embarked on in 2015 and it worked out OK.

The project helped to underline how useful a resource pieces of pallets are as opposed to using them in their entirety. AND it was an excuse to paint something else purple.


Palletable DIY 1.5*: The Rot has set in

Palletable DIY 2: We have the technology, we can rebuild it…

Palletable DIY 3: Painting the town table red pelt

Next month, I will share with you Palletgate and, after that, write about some non pallet-based projects!


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3 thoughts on “ScrapHappy August : Barely Palletable

  1. I remember Palletgate, and I recall being impressed by your sheer persistence in the face of such animosity on the part of inanimate objects… Thank you for continuing to be our ‘hard scrapper’ (no, dear readers, not a bare knuckle fighter, but a creator of non-soft-and-fluffy scrap items…).

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    • I am honoured to be included in this enterprise! Inanimate objects do seem to have it in for me, particularly when I am holding a drill. 🙂


      • You confirmed a theory for me: our equipment has it in for us. I call it the ‘dumb animosity of inanimate objects’, and I can produce endless examples of this at work.

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