Simply the Beastie




I don’t really do birthdays. I mean, I am happy to celebrate other people’s but when it comes to my own, I do tend to keep quiet about the whole thing, in the hope that if I say nothing then I won’t have actually gotten a year older.*

The Snail is brilliant at presents for me and this year was no exception. She commissioned CrawcraftsBeasties to create two Beasties, one of the Snail and one of me, kitted out with accessories that typify us.


The result was a series of exquisite works of art, that the word “amazing” is really not good enough to describe. To have your novel Beastie-fied is better than any award.


CrawcraftsBeasties has wonderful posts about JonBeastie and JanBeastie, so have a read here and here.

Their first trip was with me to London. They made friends with a traffic cone. I love these Beasties!



* SPOILER ALERT! This method doesn’t actually work.



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3 thoughts on “Simply the Beastie

  1. I look forward to meeting them!


  2. Oh wow, how cool to see these two hanging out in their new home… And further afield! I’m so happy they’ve gone to such a Beastie-friendly place, even if they are apparently determined to fill your house with traffic cones! 😆 Sorry about that, there’s a bit of a Womble-y streak in them, apparently. I’m looking forward to seeing what havoc they create next… 😉

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