ScrapHappy December 2018


No, we don’t plug the chickens in…

First, apologies for there being no ScrapHappy post from me in November, a month which seemed to just end before I had come to terms with it!

This is a very quick post with Chez Snail’s ScrapHappy solution to the issue of the broken chicken house door. Once upon a time, it was all one moulded piece of plastic, incorporating a lovely handle with which to pull the door open and closed. Then the handle snapped off, which came as a surprise given how sturdy it seemed.


…really, we don’t

The handle was replaced with an old bungee cord, which lasted two years or so before finally wearing through, hence the need for a new replacement.

Ever wondered what to do with those irritating European-style mains leads that come with electrical goods? Well, you could tape a couple together and they work really well as a chicken door opener/closer – provided you haven’t thrown them away already, and you wouldn’t do that, now would you?

Enjoy your particular brand of (Scrap) happy festive season, be that Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice or Late December-based Gluttony, and I hope 2019 is a fab year for you all!


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5 thoughts on “ScrapHappy December 2018

  1. Now that really is innovative. I’m still trying to find a use for old washing machine draining hose. I have at least three left over from machines that have carked it beyond saving. One of these days, inspiration will strike…

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  2. dezertsuz

    You can’t fool me. It’s clear you PLUG YOUR CHICKENS IN! No, really. Nice door handle! Very creative.

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