ScrapHappy April 2019: Better late than never (possibly)


The patient (1)

Sorry for the lateness of this ScrapHappy post but life has been wonderfully distracting. Patient 1 is the waterbutt stand I built a long time ago out of new wood but have then “improved” with distinctly old wood ever since. It has only ever collapsed twice, the first time when the pre-made deck on which the waterbutt sits, failed, sending a full butt of water (200 litres, no less) all over the path. That time, pallets provided the material for the fix.

The second collapse wasn’t quite as total, and there was no water loss. I would like to say that this happened last week and I was on the case in a flash – sadly, it actually happened three months plus ago and I have been on the sofa watching Dr Who and eating chocolate for most of the intervening time. That is very much how I roll. Mmm… chocolate rolls…

I digress (plus I’m getting chocolate roll in the keyboard). It turned out that woodlice had eaten some of one of the deck supports (clearly that is their equivalent of chocolate). Not having another chunky piece of wood, I found an offcut (that I have no idea what it is an offcut from, but I cut it off because the cut is as straight as a die in a Universe where a die is the wobbliest thing ever).



That screw should be horizontal, and the bit that goes through the upright is. Oh dear.


The culprit. It appears to be a trilobite.


Support your local crosspiece







Excitingly (for me only), I was able to use my clamp. I bought a couple ages ago but have never had the opportunity to actually use them in anger, so to speak.

Some long screws and a minimal amount of swearing later, and the job was done.


Waterbutt standing proud

As all my tools were now outside in the Good Friday sunshine, I decided to do a quick repair on that old favourite, PalletGate. One of the nifty things that hold the slidey bit in had shrunk, or moved, or something and wasn’t doing the job anymore.


Patient 2: Oh, slidey keepy-in thing, you had one job…

I used a piece of pallet instead of this bit of our willow (which has gone to the Kelly Kettle to be turned into boiling water for tea). Again, only minimal swearing was required to fix it up.


It’s neither big nor clever, but it does work. For now.

Now, I can return to the sofa. There’s some important chocolate to be eaten and the Doctor is having trouble with Cybermen. Again.


These ScrapHappy posts are curated by Kate, who provides links to other (mostly sewing) ScrapHappy bloggers at Tall Tales from Chiconia on the fifteenth of every month. I have sneaked a non-fabric-based Scraphappy in when no one was looking!

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4 thoughts on “ScrapHappy April 2019: Better late than never (possibly)

  1. Hahaha! Well, you certainly were on a (chocolate) roll with this lot! And pardon my ignorance, but do woodlice really eat wood? I always enjoy seeing them bumbling around on my wood-floored balcony, but that might be about to change! 😲

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