ScrapHappy May 2019: Heap O’ Scrap


Believe me, the pictures in this blog don’t get any more exciting than this

So where so you acquire your scrap from then? I guess soft scrappers end up with lots of leftovers – certainly, the Snail does. For us hard scrappers, well, we find our bits and pieces in a variety of places – often on the road or in skips, but often just around the house.

This is a light fitting. It holds the bulb in place while magic fairies sit in the glass envelope lighting cigarettes. Probably. Annoyingly, when a tiny piece of plastic breaks off it, usually because the fitting is only 30 years old and has become brittle from the heat of all those fairies’ nicotine-induced behaviour, it renders the whole thing unusable, presumably because the magic fairies are all lopsided and keep dropping their ciggies so leave for more horizontal climes. Or it may just be that the bulb doesn’t sit straight in the fitting.

This is what one has inside it (a light fitting, not a magic fairy. A picture of that would be disturbing.):


The insides of a light fitting. I know, contain yourselves, it really is SO thrilling

So what can you do with these bits? Well, the springs and metal pins are useful for all kinds of things, including mending other light fittings where they have corroded but the plastic bit is still OK. The plastic bits can be used for, well, I have no idea so they may well end up in the recycling, but you never know. The connector things can be reused as connector things. Even the plastic box the replacement came in can be used as a housing for a Raspberry Pi project.

So, a small repair job has yielded a small heap o’ scrap that may, in time, go towards helping to keep the fairies in another light bulb happy.

Or simply live a peaceful existence along with all the other bits of scrap around the place.


These ScrapHappy posts are curated by Kate, who provides links to other (mostly sewing) ScrapHappy bloggers at Tall Tales from Chiconia on the fifteenth of every month. I have sneaked a non-fabric-based ScrapHappy in when no one was looking!

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P.S. Couldn’t think what to use for the banner picture, so I used an egg I drew on to try to make it look like a Stormtrooper for May 4th. Sorry for the obvious distress this will cause, but it was that, or the one of the egg that is supposed to be Princess Leia, or Princess Lay-an-egg, as I called it.

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10 thoughts on “ScrapHappy May 2019: Heap O’ Scrap

  1. Oh good… more scrap… not seen a fairy yet though.

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  2. One of the things about scraps is that you need *enough* to rummage in to find the bits you need. A box with three random bits isn’t either inspiring or constructive. You need a rich mulch of thingies, whatchamacallits and doovalackies (that last one is an Australian speciality) to sift through and be inspired.

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  3. Joanne S

    Hmmm. My mind is meandering about to conjure up an arty project for these scraps. I understand. I do. Years ago I dug the out the knob and tube ceramic wiring pieces from my grandmother’s attic. Why? Treasure! By the way, here’s another magic word: “mess.” In the U.S. south, we use the word to mean many things… It could mean “disordered, untidy or unpleasant condition,” i.e., “the room is a mess.” Or, it can even mean “a large quantity or number,” as in “cooking a mess of catfish.” 😀

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    • Thanks for commenting! I have pondered using scrap for sculpture-type pieces (old computer hard drives have many interestingly-shaped bits in) but I am no artist so haven’t progressed far on that score.
      Mess meaning “large quantity” is excellent because the phrase “In my office there is a mess of scrap” has two meanings, both of them accurate! 🙂


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