Tank(ard)s for the memory

RIMG0048 - Copy

Lurking at the back of the now newly-endoored* kitchen cupboard (see here for details) was this commemorative pint glass from the excitingly named Brewing Congress of the Americas. Back in 1992, I had a real job and just this once was allowed to go further afield than Yorkshire.

It was the first time I had ever flown in an aircraft – I flew from Heathrow to O’Hare, Chicago and then took another flight an hour later to St Louis. Fortunately, it turned out I quite liked flying, even when the landing at St Louis rearranged my coccyx somewhat.

I hadn’t really thought about that trip for years until this tankard emerged from the cupboard. Sadly, the severely cracked glass has had to be recycled but it lives on, in blog form, here.



  • To endoor – to put a door on. Not to be confused with endear, which is the bit at the base of your earlobe.
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One thought on “Tank(ard)s for the memory

  1. So long ago, but good to remember.

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