Make it Sew! Part 1…


Learning to sew my finger to some fabricy stuff

This all started when the Snail received two interesting packages through the post.  They were sewing kits, containing fabric, patterns and instructions, that she wanted to try out. “How complicated are they?”, I asked, meaning “Will I understand how to open the box, let alone the instructions within?”

When I was at primary school, about 173 years ago, I was taught sewing with a needle, thread and a very brave teacher. Needless to say, I have been needle-less ever since (in fact, I hate the surgical type of needles with an anti-passion bordering on actual phobia).

“Could I use the electric sewing machine doohickey thing?”, I would have asked if I lived in the States. “It can’t be much different from using the steering wheel and pedals to drive virtual cars on my PS4, can it?” This may come up again later…

The Snail decided that one of the kits was indeed suitable for someone who probably put the “dent” in “student”, and embarked on what, for her, was a very long afternoon of showing me what to do and stopping me from doing silly things like eat the tailor’s chalk or bleed over the fabric.

Before the sewing came cutting out the fabric from the pattern. This involved tracing the correct bit of the pattern so that the end product would fit me (and we could re-use the pattern), and then, scarier still, cutting out the fabric to that pattern. One slip and that would be curtains, which is definitely not what the kit was for.


Pinning the thing onto the fabricy stuff*



Cutting out the fabricy stuff*


After that, I had four pieces of fabric, cut to size to make… well, what? All will be revealed (but, unless a seam comes unstitched, only in a good way)…


* Stop me if this is getting too technical.

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