ScrapHappy January 2020: Mirror Bawl


Seven years bad luck for the courier

First off, I hope you all have a good 2020, and much ScrapHappiness!

Sorry – this ScrapHappy post is a bit angranty*!

A friend of mine is doing up a house, by which I mean he has been living in a building site for two years because doing a full-time job and renovating an old property are two largely incompatible tasks. As part of this, he bought himself a mirror to go in his bathroom, when he has actually put in the important stuff like a bath, or a wall. This mirror was a really fancy one, with LED lights around the frame and a de-mister heating pad on the glass itself.

As you can see, the first delivery was not as successful as it might have been. The company my friend bought it from did replace it and instructed him to bin the defunct one. So I offered to take that and see if I could replace the glass, as that was the only thing broken (as far as I could tell). What I discovered was that:

With the exception of the box of electronics, every single component in this mirror had been glued, with something that appeared to turn into concrete once set.

This means that replacing the glass or, indeed, the LEDs or the heater pad, is effectively impossible! And it wasn’t as if this product was manufactured just after WWII, when the world went “yay, we’re-off-rations” crazy and the throwaway society was born. This was made about six months ago, when to deny that climate change is a real thing happening now meant you were leader of a country.


Everything stuck to everything else

Like I said, a ranty post. I managed to salvage the power supplies (for the LEDs and the heater) but couldn’t remove the LEDs, the heater pad or the polycarbonate surround because of the weld-like glue the manufacturers used.


What I managed to rescue from landfill

Grr. A very angry Grr.


* Angranty (adj): Part angry, part ranty as in, er, <thinks of example> “this ScrapHappy post is a bit angranty”.

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15 thoughts on “ScrapHappy January 2020: Mirror Bawl

  1. Thanks for sharing
    Maybe the producer could be made aware of the (un)environmental credentials of their product …

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  2. GRRR…. no excuse

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  3. As a resident of a country whose leader is one of those now frantically pretending he didn’t really say climate change wasn’t responsible for our horrendous bushfires, might I propose we Scrapsters start a list for boycotting purposes? It makes a logical follow-on from ScrapHappy projects. First the re-use/recycle/repair, then follow it up by naming the morons who make it impossible…
    I suppose that glue is quicker to apply than screws or other removable fixation, and therefore the product can be made more cheaply.

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    • I think cost of manufacture is the main driving force here, and it simply cannot remain that way. I posted on FB and Twitter yesterday a little animation that someone had done highlighting how Apple Airpods cannot have their battery replaced because opening them runs the risk of explosion from the Lithium battery. Millions of these things have been sold, and millions more like them will be sold before we run out of cobalt which is a vital element in the battery itself. Just crazy!

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  4. I like Kate’s idea of a list we can all add to – there might be a small chance that some manufacturers take notice.

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    • Yes, I do too. Here in the UK we have a growing Repair Café culture and the people who repair things there may be persuaded to help compile lists of common things that are broken but cannot be opened to fix. And then maybe a wordpress site to list them in some way?


  5. I feel your frustration.

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  6. I’ve added “angranty” to my vocabulary! There is a fellow in town who repairs computers; name of his shop is “Right2Repair.” I’ve been known to grumble about having to buy composite parts instead of one light bulb for car headlights–back when I owned a car.

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    • I am hoping angranty will be added to the Oxford English Dictionary very soon! And car headlight clusters are a case in point, car bulbs all seem to be embedded in much larger parts that have also been designed to be hard to remove. When the bulb goes, it’s going to be easier to buy a new car at this rate!


  7. I hate hate hate when you can’t deconstruct or fix things. But I applaud your efforts at salvage!

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  8. I’m still trying to get over the fact that such a solid concretion of glue and parts even broke in the first place! This is crazy! At least you were able to salvage a few pieces, but it’s a pretty poor effort from the manufacturers sustainability-wise.

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