Make it Sew… again


Here I go again…

After the unqualified success of my first attempt at sewing (“unqualified” being an apposite word here), I decided to make another pair of boxers, to prove that the first time wasn’t a complete fluke.

The Snail had some fabric (see? I know these technical terms now) that would be perfect so I set about cutting that out with the pattern pieces I made last time. This was much quicker than before, of course. However, the Snail thought it would be good to modify the recipe, I mean pattern, a little. As these boxers are for sleeping in*, they don’t need the complication of the fly but could benefit from slightly longer legs (there has to be a Tom Cruise joke in there somewhere).


I’ve been overlocked

The Snail overlocked the edges (the overlocker is a way too scary machine for me to use) and then I sewed all the bits together, using the family Singer. It all went really quickly, despite a little jiggery-pokery required for fitting the elastic waistband. There was almost no swearing.

Eh, voila! Another sewing success. At this rate, I’ll have new set of sleepy-in clothes by 2042!


* I don’t mean as a substitute for a bed, they’re not that big.


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8 thoughts on “Make it Sew… again

  1. Don’t be downcast about feeling fear and loathing for the overlocker. Even those of us who’ve been locked in mortal combat with them for decades hate and fear them, especially when (doom laden roll of music) they become unthreaded… Congratulation on achieving another non-pants pair of pants 🙂 It’s a very creditable result, and I anticipate an illustrious tailoring career ahead of you!

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  2. “Almost no swearing” is a real accomplishment! Congratulations! (Oh, and good job on the shorts too.)

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  3. Well done you!

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