Mr Snail’s “Mend it Monday”… on a Tuesday

Downscaled RIMG0138

Could this be the dullest picture ever? Maybe… a broken salt grinder

I thought I would get in on “Mend it Monday” with a swift mend of my own, albeit on something the Snail has had for nearly as long as salt has been in existence. I did actually do the mend yesterday (Monday) but was so exhausted afterwards that I needed a lie down with a glass (or three) of wine to recover.

The Snail bought this salt grinder about 30 years ago and it cost £12 which was a lot for such an item (£12 in today’s money is about £560.72 I think).

Time and salt have slowly eroded the screws securing the plastic doobrie* which presumably holds the grinder mechanism to account. Indeed, there is the end of one of the screws still embedded in the wood – fortunately, this didn’t pose a problem.

Downscaled RIMG0139

Two shiny new screws to the rescue

Two new, bigger self-tap screws later et voila! We’re back in business, provided that business is grinding salt.

RIMG0141 - Copy

As good as almost new

Happy Mend it Monday on a Tuesday everyone!


* Technical term.

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3 thoughts on “Mr Snail’s “Mend it Monday”… on a Tuesday

  1. And the most remarkable about the whole exercise is that the Snail can remember how much she paid for it, all those years ago! Good work, that man…

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