Mend it Monday: On the phone(s)

Mend it Monday is an occasional post inspired by thesnailofhappiness


Headphones – comfortable but broken

I have had these headphones for about 15 years now – they were quite expensive in their day and I have used them in what I lovingly (and slightly inaccurately) called my “recording studio”. They are great headphones and, when the rubber earpiece things disintegrated, the Snail made me new coverings that are largely acoustically transparent (that is, sound goes through them like they aren’t there).

Like all these things with moulded plugs on the ends of their wires, something starts to break/come loose in the plug. I have spent the better part of the last three years carefully bending the wire near the plug just enough to get the headphones to work properly.

Well, even that stopped working yesterday, so I was forced to mend them. The wires on headphones are always thin and pretty difficult to work with, and these were no exception. Fortunately, I had an old working plug (from a broken something-or-other) to use, and it all seems to have worked!

Mended and back in action – now back to doing important things such as watching this (which just makes me laugh and cheers me up every time I see it):



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6 thoughts on “Mend it Monday: On the phone(s)

  1. Fab. Now I have a question* – did you have to connect the wires to your lights / circuit board to make sure it was functioning, or did you snip the old plug away from both appliances, strip back, resolder and then seal the join? I need to know , because at some point I am going to want to do this myself too!

    And I discovered The Secret Policeman’d Ball back pre t’interweb, with Pet n Dud and the One-Legged-Tarzan sketch. S’pect you did too, but I hadn’t come across this particular sketch. Made me laugh Thank you.

    *I ALWAYS have a question. People hate me in meetings. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Questions are what make the world go round – and, OK, it might slow the world down a bit but then you get to see the scenery better! I just stripped the wires away, resoldered, tested with a resistance meter, then sealed. The prototyping board in the background and general mess is just how my bench looks on an average day! In the case of the headphones, after I had soldered the wires, I checked at the new plug that there was the resistance I expected (for these phones, 35 ohms for each speaker) between the 3 connections on the plug – too many times have I sealed the fix, only to discover it was still broken! Good luck with your mend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. That’s a mend so far outside my comfort zone… The nearest I’ve come is wrapping electrical tape around the cord of my MacBook charger where it had somehow become torn, exposing the wires. At some point, a Sugru wrap may be called for. I’m also wondering whether acoustical transparency is a good or a bad thing; good because you get full sound, or bad because they let stray outside sound in too?

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    • Now you know how I feel about darning socks – I would need a taxi back to my comfort zone for that! Acoustic transparency is a good thing here, it’s only over the bit between the speaker and ear where all the sound is coming from. The rest is the plastic casing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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