Mend it Monday: Brush and Lead


Brush Fix #1 didn’t work…

A couple of repairs for this occasional Mend it Monday post (as started by The Snail of Happiness). The first is the washing-up brush – made of coconut bristles, with no plastic, and a wooden handle. The perfect eco brush except that the head just started falling out the handle (I don’t think it is designed to be interchangeable) some time into its service.

I tried putting a collar of the marvellous sugru around the neck, but this really didn’t work at all so this is the next attempt – I have filled the hole in the handle with sugru and forced the brush head into it. Time will tell if it holds for more than a nanosecond but it feels pretty firm.


Brush Fix #2 – lovely green sugru


This worked for 4:32…

It was four minutes and thirty-two seconds into washing up before the head became detached once more. Harrumph…

While I harrumphed, the Snail filled the hole in the handle with gorilla glue and pushed the head in – where it has stayed ever since. There’s a lesson in there for me somewhere…

The second mend is a classic sugru-on-frayed-cable-fix – this is the USB cable that came with my Kindle a million years ago. I noticed last week that the outer sheath by one end had worn away to expose the ground shield beneath. There was no question this time – it was always going to be a sugru mend. The only real question was – what colour?


More successful use of green sugru

Yay for mending things!




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9 thoughts on “Mend it Monday: Brush and Lead

  1. It has been a valuable lesson in appropriate-materials selection. Wood + wire + hot water = Gorilla glue. Plastic + flexibility = Sugru®

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  2. I’m going to have to source some sugru now. and this was the thing I was thinking about when you made the needle threader. I made these a few years ago, but I think I need to revisit them 🙂

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    • They’re great! I am about to play around with old electronics for “artistic” purposes rather than for recovering components. I think using circuit boards for jewelry and other things doesn’t appear to have caught on quite the way it should have. I have a coaster made of one (mounted on a cork base) and it’s great!

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      • well, they were reasonably popluar when I first made them (it was a long time ago!)- I need to revisit and make them a bit less ‘assembled’ and rather more crafted, I think!
        And thanks!

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I think you should buy shares in sugru!

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  4. Claire Roulin

    Hey my super old kindle cable also had a sugru fix 😉 and by super old I mean that my kindle has a physical keyboard ! I got it from my dad and it still works great.
    Sugru works great in some cases (mug handle repair, cables), and not at all in some others (fix a hole on the side of my sneakers) oh well we live & learn.
    Thanks for sharing your mends!

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    • Those original Kindles are great! I wonder how many of them were ditched because the cable broke. Sugru is great for things that need flexibility and/or won’t get too wet. Somehow, I have gotten into the mindset of using old-fashioned glue as a last resort! 🙂


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