Hail to thee, Scythe Spirit!


It’s a jungle out there…

Just a quick post…

Chez Snail doesn’t have a large area of grass or meadow for me to practice my scything on, just a very small bit of grass at the front. So, when Going Batty in Wales said she wanted to cut her meadow which had become somewhat enthusiastic for growing hogweed and pretty much every other type of meadow plant, I offered to help out. Social distancing is easy as there is plenty of space – now there is a bit more!


…but we tamed it…

I scythed, GBIW removed the cut hogweed and we talked and talked and talked…


…well, except maybe this wild animal, who we left to its own devices…

When we were done, we had ham rolls and wine and talked some more. A perfect way to spend part of the day, more so during these strange times!


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2 thoughts on “Hail to thee, Scythe Spirit!

  1. I love to scythe… not much call for it in a small north Queensland back yard, though. It can be very peaceful and meditative if you have the technique right.

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