ScrapHappy August 2020: #BeKindle

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Kindling (noun): bits of Kindles

Earlier this week, the Snail decided to pick up her Kindle, after about two years of not picking it up. Needless to say, it didn’t want to work (can you imagine if a book didn’t work after a couple of years on the shelf?). The battery stubbornly refused to charge, as if it were sulking about being ignored for so long.

Three-ish years ago, my Kindle also gave up the ghost, for reasons that never became apparent. I bought a new battery (which did not fix the issue) and then an old Kindle off eBay whose screen had been damaged but that was, according to the description, OK otherwise. Sadly, fitting the screen off my stricken Kindle (which did appear to work) to the eBay Kindle did not improve my supply of working Kindles. My old Kindle, the new battery and the eBay Kindle all went in the “nice” scrap box, reserved for things that I cannot bring myself to completely strip for parts or throw out (so, pretty much everything then). I then acquired another working one, that I have to this day.*

Never be afraid to open these sorts of things up. The Kindle of old is easy, I used a plastic plectrum to slide along the edge to undo the plastic clips (you can use a thin-bladed screwdriver, but this tends to break some or all the clips in the process). There are invariably YouTube videos to show what to do. It’s possible that the newer Kindle (Fire and the like) are glued together to stop you doing this in which case – emoji of someone blowing a raspberry here!

Turns out, the new battery I bought all those years ago was also a “I’m going to sulk now” types, and didn’t want to charge up. I was beginning to wonder if the charging circuitry in the Snail’s Kindle might not be in a deep funk too, but lo and behold! The old battery from the eBay kindle charged and saved the day. I don’t know why that battery might work where the others failed, or indeed how long it may last now but it means that the Snail can Kindle away again so I’m happy!

ds RIMG0499

In the Pink – one working Kindle


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* How I came by my replacement Kindle is mentioned here

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13 thoughts on “ScrapHappy August 2020: #BeKindle

  1. I have the same model of Kindle as the Snail’s (and indeed the same cover, although mine’s red), so I shall be sure to consult you if mine ever throws a similar tanty. So far, though, it has been pretty reliable, merely telling me politely that it was flat after I’d left it alone for at least a year. I also like the idea of ‘good’ scraps versus, well, a pile of old crap. I must steal that. Trouble is, Box no. 2 would be empty…

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  2. brilliant. I had a similar problem with the tablet we got ‘free’ with something – turns out the battery was so incredibly flat it needed to be left to charge whilst off, but had got into one of those reboot cycles where it would try and start up, but not have the power, so switch off and then keep trying, draining (I assume) more power than it could absorb. Eventually I managed to connect it’s cable to a different, more powerful phone charger plug, and force it to close down whilst it charged. I now keep an eye on it – I only use it as a photo display when I go to fairs – so this reminds me that I’ll need to give it another charge ahead of the first looming fair (fingers crossed) due mid September

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I have one of the newer kindles as a tablet and use it regularly but when it sulks (as it inevitably will) I shall give it a good talking to and if it fails to respond (as it will) I shall bring it to you with a ‘pretty please’ to be investigated! You have been warned!

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  4. Great save and I like the use of a plectrum – what else do you pluck?!
    I am very glad my books don’t ever throw that kind of fit…

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    • I have one or two (or ten) guitars that very occasionally feel the caress of a plectrum, and a mandolin that I have shamefully neglected for a long time now.
      I think if books just stopped working, they wouldn’t have caught on in the first place! 🙂

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  5. very clever but I am so happy my books are obliging and never need a battery.

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  6. Susan Nixon

    How lovely! I still have a Gen 2, which I charge periodically, just in case I need it again. Last year, my son bought a nice new Kindle and gave me his old one, so I now have a paper white. I really prefer the operation of the older one, but the backlit screen is very nice. I’m so glad you could fix the Kindle. I have bookshelves of books, but I can keep so many more at hand on the Kindle, and with my cover, it feels like a book to me. I still use the library books, too.

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    • Having the cover that makes it feel more like a book was the reason that persuaded me to buy a Kindle in the first place – a friend of mine had one with the case and I thought “Ah, now I’m holding a book!” Although I do prefer a real book, the Kindle is really good. I also use it to read drafts of the novel I am writing! 🙂


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