Mend It Monday: The Joy of Stick


Spot the problem… there’s always one wire that comes off

I have started to sort my way through my electronics stash and came across this relic of computing – a cheap joystick. Being me, I wondered what the connections on the plug were and whether there was any damage/rust/icky stuff inside…

…and being me, I managed to break one of the wires when I took the bottom off*. Time to fire up the soldering iron! Fortunately, I was going to do some work on my next project (see September’s ScrapHappy for details, once it is, you know, September and actually written), so the iron was already warming.


Job done, a job that would have been done quicker if I hadn’t spent some time with the joystick attached to the desk, while I pretended to fly a spaceship. Simple things and all that… perhaps I’ll keep it!


* This is old enough to mean that whoever manufactured it didn’t care about it being opened up and fixed, even if it was the opening up that precipitated the requirement for fixing. Ah, #righttorepair!

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6 thoughts on “Mend It Monday: The Joy of Stick

  1. Take her out, Mr Sulu, Warp 1… and all that. Imagine if the Enterprise had a loose wire with a War Bird looming on the starboard bow. Highly important repairs, I feel!

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    Happy flying!

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