ScrapHappy December 2020: Platform Soul


Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

When Bones* said “It’s a shelf Jim, but not as we know it!”, it wasn’t in the script and no one knew what the hell DeForest was going on about. But he had seen into the future (or was it back to the past?), to this very post. Probably.

As my regular reader will know, there once were some shelves in the kitchen at Chez Snail, which supported many books and cooking pots until the “many books” became “too many books” and the whole lot turned into a bit of a mess. One of those shelves became, in part, a mini-ironing board for the Snail (see here and here for further details).

But you can’t keep a good shelf down and yet another part of it has channelled its very essence, its soul if you will, to become a useful bit of, well, floor. Certainly, a platform of sorts. As you can see from the picture above, there is one of those annoying spaces in the bathroom which isn’t really useful for anything. There is a towel rack that fits over the raised carpet bit, with its fourth leg supported on an upturned pot (and usually a whole load of other “stuff” scattered on the floor):

Slightly potty

Slightly potty

So, to create the platform, I took the remains of the shelf and cut it (again). Annoyingly, the space it was to fit in was not actually an exact rectangle, so I ended up with a piece of ex-shelf that was ever-so-slightly rhomboid in nature.

Shelf (thinks): "Here we go again..."

Shelf (thinks): “Here we go again…”

I was also able to use an offcut from the bath panelling that I fitted back in the days when my DIY had a limited range of swear words at its disposal. This provided a front panel and a couple of blocky feet for the back (that, mercifully, no one can see).

3 piece jigsaw

3 piece jigsaw

Primed and then painted the lovely pelt colour we have used for other things – yes, PalletTable and PalletCart spring to mind – finally that gap can now have a towel rack and other stuff on it.

Platform 1

Platform 1


What’s left to do with what’s left of the shelf now? Time and ScrapHappy will tell…


* Star Trek, not David Boreanaz.

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11 thoughts on “ScrapHappy December 2020: Platform Soul

  1. That’s almost… well, I can’t locate a word, but decent, proper, tidy, well-executed. Who are you, and what have you done with Mr Snail, to whom I used to turn for effective-but-slightly-shambolic scrappy solutions? Insults now over, I can truthfully say: Nice work!

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  2. Excellent use of both scrap and sci-fi refs there. Kah’pla!

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  3. Still going strong.

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  4. excellent solution and that left over scrap looks great – one would never know it wasn’t always like that “the gap I mean”

    when you started with “… mind the gap” it reminded me of what often comes over the automated speakers on our local trains, not at all stops though – “mind the gap” – and yes there is a bl**dy big gap, I know an elderly woman who fell down said gap before they inserted the automated voice…

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    • Thank you! When I have visited London in the past there is the mind the gap announcement on the underground – thing is, there isn’t always a gap and I worry then that there IS a gap, just somewhere else unexpected that I will fall foul of.
      I tend to walk everywhere in London…


  5. Susan Nixon

    THIS one always wonders who plans these odd-ball spaces. Is there some little gremlin out there who messes with such things? You’ve come up with a wonderful solution, told with your usual humor. Thanks for the smile!

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    • I am glad the post made you smile! Your comment reminds me of a short story by Isaac Asimov, I think, about a strange person who lives his life leading up to the moment he stows away in a small unnoticed gap he has designed in the first human rocket to outer space. So, perhaps it is him, practising. 🙂


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