Scrum from Scrap – a quick update

How it started...

How it started…

Back in June 2020, I wrote about creating food from old credit card bills and cardboard, because that is the sort of nonsense I write about sometimes. By way of perpetuating such blatant misuse of the time given to me on this Earth, I thought you, my ever-faithful and amazingly tolerant reader, would like a picture of what that rubbish (the actual rubbish, not this blog) is up to.

Mmm... Green things

Mmm… Green things

Actual rubbish into actual soil in less than a year! The creation of compost is still something that fills my heart with joy and, eventually, my belly with food.


… how it’s going

Planted by the Snail herself, these plants would not dare do anything but grow. Yumminess awaits!


I remember when all this was credit card bills and cardboard


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8 thoughts on “Scrum from Scrap – a quick update

  1. That last line is my favourite… Now we need another post where you say: I remember when all this was jeans and old socks… Or possibly dog hair and vacuum cleaner fluff…

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    Compost making is true magic! And despite the millions of words written about the ‘right way’ to do it – on which there is no agreement it seems – it is basically simple. Keep up the good work!

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  3. That’s shallot!

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