Lawn Again

All hail the soon-to-arrive lawn!

All hail the soon-to-arrive lawn!

As my Reader knows, Chez Snail now has a new raised bed and some bare earth (didn’t know? Read about that endeavour here). The bare earth is, of course, where the grass is going to go. The Snail decided that we should invest in some pre-turfed, er, turf, the kind you roll on from a, you know, roll.

A few days after completing the raised bed, the turf arrived from Shropshire. We wanted to buy more locally but there basically isn’t anywhere by us unless we were prepared to pay over a thousand pounds for it, which seemed steep for 16 m2 of grass.


Worst. Swiss. Roll. Ever.

I moved the 16 rolls round to the back of the house and The Snail and I began the task of creating a new lawn.


It’s beginning to lawn…

We kept on rolling…


Halfway there…

… until, amazingly, after about 75 minutes, it was complete!


Turf’s up! Well, down.

We put up a barrier to stop the dogs having a dig – it’ll come down in about a week or so’s time when the grass had had a chance to root. Another step closer to Stormy Harbours at an expanded “Throw It Again Sam Cocktail Bar”!*

Mine's a Stormy Harbour please, and hold the squeaky ball

Mine’s a Stormy Harbour please, and hold the squeaky ball

Quick update: We have had persistent rain the last few days and the grass has already started to root into some of the ground!


* When the rain would care to stop.

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18 thoughts on “Lawn Again

  1. If the rain doesn’t stop soon, you’ll have to resort to Muddy Waters cocktails…. It’s looking very lush and green already, so fingers crossed it all roots properly.

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    • Happily it does appear to be fairly well rooted already which, given the gale currently blowing, is a relief. I had to look up what a MW cocktail is – and now I want one for breakfast! πŸ™‚


  2. It looks very pretty.
    A corner of lush green can be such a spirit-lifting, good-mood enabler πŸ™‚

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  3. that looks very nice turf. on the occasions we’ve bought the odd bit from our local garden centre, its not been as slim (I’m a bit envious) and has had horrid plastic mesh within. Perfect time to lay at the moment -*looks out of window at horizontal rain* πŸ™‚

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    • It was from a Shropshire company who have been producing turf for 40 years and appear to have gotten the hang of it. We certainly had the right weather for laying it – since then we have had a lot of rain and today gale force winds. I expect the rain you’ve got now in a couple of hours! πŸ™‚

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  4. Good job it’s rooted, otherwise it would be in danger of floating or blowing away… ah, the British summer…

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Well now I know who to blame for all the rain – it’s you two needing it for your lawn! On the other hand I am delighted to know that when I next visit it will all be ready for inspection. We can sit out on it as we admire it. I am very (OK overly!) familiar with gin and tonic but have never tried a stormy harbour or a muddy waters. I think I need educating – care for the job?

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    • Yes, the rain has been fortuitous for our lawn endeavours although it can now stop (please?). I am sure we can arrange a masterclass in Stormy Harbours soon! πŸ™‚

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  7. this is a few days later, hope none of it blew away in a summer wind breakout …looks like a marvellous idea on how to get a nice fine lawn

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    • Rain and wind (the former of which basically hasn’t stopped) have made no dent on lawn and the doggies are allowed on it now, and are delighted! πŸ™‚

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