Village Life

“Look into my eyes – you’re going to take me for a walk”


A walk through an English Village on a Late Spring Evening…

“I reckon we could have our own show, or at least maybe our own proverb.”

High as a kite

A green patchwork of potential

A thistle, its niche found, watches over as the bell sounds

In or out? No need to decide.

And, as the sun calls it a day, there is some last-minute pollen to be collected

A bee’s work is almost done for the day

The sun-gold yellow of the laburnum glows as the laburnum-yellow of the sun fades into a warm night.

Have a Happy Summer* everyone!


* Other hemispheres/seasons are available.

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6 thoughts on “Village Life

  1. Lovely! A fun change from the chronicle of your battles with inanimate objects.

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    You are going all poetical Jon! Where are the bits of electronic rubbish? Where the self deprecation? Delighted to hear that Daisy is getting you out and about taking the air and some photos with it.

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  3. Love your bright and sunny walk about…I’m not sure I’m that happy with my season (winter) in NZ – today (Friday) is very deary looking.

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