ScrapHappy August 2021: Late to the Party

The New Toy

Sorry everyone! I had hoped to write a post about the new hot air gun/soldering rework gizmo I bought a while ago to help me retrieve workable electronic components from scrap but the time has gotten away from me this month – I’ll try harder next month!

In the meanwhile, have a look at everyone else’s posts, people who were clearly better at managing their time in the last month than I was…

The first LEDs removed…
Minus LEDs , a push button and a few bits and pieces…

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22 thoughts on “ScrapHappy August 2021: Late to the Party

  1. Well, it’s been a bit busy here, hasn’t it? But we’re not yet ready to say why!

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  2. Jon, I do, what you hobby, for a living. I repair, rework, and build pcb’s. Good luck with your new contraption! The one I have at work is antiquated and I hate using it because I have to work on it to get it to work.

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    • I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate the mistakes I am going to make on the way to extracting components without destroying them/the board/my fingers! 🙂

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      • How we put on and take off chips that are grounded surface mount, heat gun. It is the best tool. It will drop a multi leaded component right off the board. You would need to invest in one with thermostat control/readout and fan control. If you set the gun around 700 degrees and have a focuses nozzle, the parts should fall right off/out. Sometimes it takes two guns, one for the underside ground and one for the leads on the primary side. Feel free to reach out and I can help talk you through. 🙂

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  3. I always enjoy it when you have something to show, because I think ScrapHappy Day benefits greatly from a bit of variety. I wish I knew what you have planned for all those recovered components!

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  4. claire93

    it was well worth the link up today, just to see your ScrapHappy artwork, and your new toy ^^

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  5. I’m excited to see what you are making too – I LOVE a new tool (as you might have twigged) And I’m also intrigued about the Snail household being busy 🙂

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  6. I admit that I look forward to seeing what scraps you have been transforming, and how, but I know life and “stuff” does intrude! We’ll see you next time!

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    I am tempted to offer you some more rubbish – er – recyclable electronis scrap – especially as going to the tip is now such a palaver but i think I might lose Mrs Snail as a friend! Is your proposed contraption connected to the current busyness in the household or something entirely separate? And how dare you tease us all like that!

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