Mend it Monday: Bog Standard



This is a short Mend it Monday about a toilet so there will be no sniggering at the back…*

A day or two ago, one of the hinges on the toilet seat broke. I believe that this is the toilet seat that the house was built with (well, I think they used the usual gamut of tools to actually build the house but you know what I mean), making it 30 years old. Although I can’t complain, I will, because it meant some DIY for me.

I wasn’t about to replace the whole seat, or toilet, or indeed house, so looked for toilet seat hinges online. Someone asked the perfectly sage question: “Are they a standard size?” The answer? “Yes, probably, unless there’re not, in which case no, not at all.”


Finding a set of hinges that looked like they might fit, I took the plunge (not something I would normally do in relation to a toilet, but there we are) and ordered them. A day later, I was ready for a mend that really should be straightforward, right?

This new seat is rubbish, it seems to be missing something.... actually, it is an old shelf to ensure I end up with the same number of screwdrivers as I started with

This new seat is rubbish, it seems to be missing something…. actually, it is an old shelf to ensure I end up with the same number of screwdrivers as I started with

Undo eight screws. Well, seven unscrewed. The eighth no longer seemed to have a screwhead that conformed to the normal laws of screwdrivers, or indeed physics in general. Eventually, after ten minutes of potty-mouthed poetry, I ended up prising the thing out, leaving the hole the screw used to occupy a bit larger.

There's always one

There’s always one

Now remove the two bolts that hold the hinges onto the toilet itself. Ah, well, there’s only one as the other became brittle and shattered about six months ago. I could not find a sensible way of obtaining another bolt of the same size (without buying a whole set of hinges) and so improvised: I used sugru (pink, no less!) to hold the fixing on. Now, I had to gouge away at the self-same sugru to remove it. It felt like the god of toilet hinge bolts was laughing hard at me.

Finally, after all that, I could attach new hinges. Guess what?


Ooh! Shiny new hinges!

Ooh! Shiny new hinges!

The screw going into the enlarged hole went in at an angle but seems to be holding OK.

I’ve even ended up with a replacement bolt thing in case one of the replacements shatters (in about 30 years’ time).

You could say I’m flus… but you’re not going to.

Even the Ducktor seems happy with the leftovers (well, there's always something with DIY, isn't there?)

Even the Ducktor seems happy with the leftovers (well, there’s always something with DIY, isn’t there?)


* Yeah, there will be, I just know it. It’ll be me.

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11 thoughts on “Mend it Monday: Bog Standard

  1. what a relief!

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  2. We seem to be much heavier on the old bog seats than you two – we’ve replaced hinges a couple of times. I’m impressed at how well you’ve done it and also the cleanliness of your loo before you began 😉

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  3. Gosh, well done, I was sure you were going to tell us you’d met your Waterloo. So much hinges on comfy – and reliable – seating while you’re conducting business, don’t you find. Something slippery and slidey is liable to result in stage fright and performance anxiety.

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    • Indeed, a loose seat is not conducive to anything! I was pretty sure it would take me the whole weekend to do because, you know, the wall would fall in or something, but fortunately normal service was only disrupted for a (caught) short time.
      On a different matter, hope you are soon back on your travels (slight blog crossover there)… 😁


      • Thanks for the good wishes; there is a plan, things have been booked and deadlines will be met. Another day of enforced idleness in the Wrong Place, and we should be on our way.

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    Well done Mr S! I never knew you could replace the hinges! Not that I can recall having needed to. I think the last time the loo seat caused a problem the wood split so it was a whole new one needed. IS there no limit to your repair talent?

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  5. If some part of the household breaks here I contact the property manager – who always wants a photo. Most of the photos are just of the item – like the back door lock which was having difficulties staying shut At least the repair person might bring the right brand of whatever…but as for showing actual problem, really not achieved! Except why weren’t you here on the stormy night when the door just opened at 3am, scaring the bejesus out of me! All fixed…

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