ScrapHappy Extra: Scrap Man

The Scrap Man cometh...
The Scrap Man cometh…

The co-creator of ScrapHappy, Kate Chiconi, left a comment on my ScrapHappy review with a link to a fish made of scrap stuff ( I remember seeing this chap at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK back in 2016 and said i would post it here for all to see – and I have! I am not sure I can match the size of such a sculpture but it does feel like I have roughly an equivalent amount of scrap in my office so you never know…

Spot the Consumer Electronics Waste - a lawn mower, a satellite dish, a cooker hob...
Spot the Consumer Electronics Waste – a lawn mower, a satellite dish, a cooker hob…


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8 thoughts on “ScrapHappy Extra: Scrap Man

  1. … but also scraptastic! He’d be a lot more abstract as a sculpture if he was sprayed all one colour, like the fish. This way, he’s the sum of all those parts and it’s more of a social commentary. I’d be interested to see what you could make with tiny electronic components.

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  2. Maybe for 2022 you can build your own version of Super Scrap Man, one month at a time! (He wouldn’t have to be as big of course.)

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I like the idea of a project one month at a tme! Go for it Mr S!

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  4. Scrap man is amazing. I’ve always loved art made from stuff thrown out. Yes, if there are things you don’t think you’ll use, you could start with some sort of practical garden ornament/statue/addition…if your mind will run there….

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    • It’s a great sculpture because it shows the enormity of the electronic and electrical waste buried rather than being repaired/recycled. I remember it towering over me! πŸ™‚


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