ScrapHappy January 2022: Talkin’ ‘bout scrap generation

A worried Snail and a slightly distressed wall

A worried Snail and a slightly distressed wall

First, a Happy New Year to my reader or Blywddyn Newydd Dda as we say around here!

As some of you may know, the Snail and I are opening a shop to sell preloved craft stuff, so all those stashes of fabric, craft materials and crafting tools that are laying around, never to be used. The shop itself is in pretty good condition but, of course, there are things we want to change. The first structural one is to remove the two inside walls that someone put up so we can have a big teaching space so we can show people how to make and mend using all the preloved stuff!

The two walls were made with nice chunky bits of wood for the framework and hardboard rather than plasterboard which means we can use that for something too. It was a relief to discover this (by kicking it to see if it would come off, very technical) as plasterboard is messy and difficult to reuse.

Shelves... but it's the stuff underneath that I want

Shelves… but it’s the stuff underneath that I want

There is also a largish quantity of thick MDF shelves which will work very well as work surfaces.

So, the first project? A breakfast bar to act as a divider betwixt the kitchen and the teaching area. Watch this space!


Many other people contribute to Kate and Gun’s wonderful ScrapHappy every month – check out what they have been up to too!


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18 thoughts on “ScrapHappy January 2022: Talkin’ ‘bout scrap generation

  1. I’m so glad you’re salvaging your construction materials. It always annoys the whatsit out of me when I see people chucking out perfect good chunks of wood just because they’ve got a few nails in them. I hope this is going to be an ongoing source of scraphappiness?

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  2. fabulous. Make sure you share the link to the online element please, once you are ready 😉

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  3. claire93

    what an exciting venture !!!

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    having just taken down part of a stud wall I wish we had used hardbord in it – plasterboard is yuck! Good luck with using your scrap for new, exciting shop furniture.

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  5. the shop sounds like a great idea, wish, I was closer so I could take part in the workshops.

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  6. Good luck with your shop!

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  7. Oh…How I wish I didn’t live 7,614 miles away…would be a regular customer/exchanger (and patron of the breakfast bar!)

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  8. Looks like it’s going to keep your handyman hands busy for a while – and more later as you rejig spaces for different reasons…I’m nearly 12,000 miles from your shop!

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