ScrapHappy May 2022: No butts… well, no water butt stand

Plan(et) and (of) the tape(s)

Plan(et) and (of) the tape(s)

Guess what? My Scraphappy plans for this month have again been somewhat scuppered by pretty much the same minutiae of life as last month, with the addition of losing my (t)rusty tape measure and plans for a new water butt stand. But they both turned up today (12th) at the bottom of a box in a disused toilet in a basement with a sign saying “Beware of the leopard” on the door.* Or was that the plan to demolish Arthur Dent’s house? It’s so easy to get the two confused.

Anyway, coming soon – a new water butt stand built out of some of the remaining wood from the dismantling of bits of the shop. Honest. Unless a Vogon Constructor Fleet** stops everything beforehand, of course…


* Sorry, I should have issued a warning beforehand. Don’t Panic! A reference from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

** Oh no, another HGTTG reference. Sorry (not sorry). It was 21 years ago yesterday that the writer, Douglas Adams, went off on his next journey.

Many other people contribute to Kate and Gun’s wonderful ScrapHappy every month – check out what they have been up to too!


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7 thoughts on “ScrapHappy May 2022: No butts… well, no water butt stand

  1. We will forgive you the Vogon references so long as you don’t insist on reading us Vogon poetry… And I do like the nice friendly letters of your ScrapHappy header!

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  2. No butts Yet, however maybe a third arm…or a second head. No ifs or ands about that! Thanks for the laugh and memories of listening to the radio and laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up. RIP Douglas Adams…you do realise that 21 is half of 42…


  3. Been years since I read that book! In Swedish (of course) and I can´t really remember anything 🙂

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