ScrapHappy February 2023: Overcrowding for toadstools where there’s not mushroom

First, a warm scrappy welcome to Karrin! May all your scrapping be happy!

As my reader will know, last month I embarked on a “soft” ScrapHappy project so, because I have so woefully neglected to notice how far into February we already are, I thought I would show you the completed effort as another ScrapHappy post.

And here it is, in the wild…

… and in the shop…

And now, I have made this* for our St David’s Day shop window display…

Made from a stash someone brought into the shop for us to repurpose, it took me a while to get right but The Snail guided me (whilst she knocked up half a dozen!). I feel quite happy about my crochet development!


* The daffodil, not the dog.

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21 thoughts on “ScrapHappy February 2023: Overcrowding for toadstools where there’s not mushroom

  1. A daisy for Daisy next, perhaps?

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  2. Susan Nixon

    I love the way you displayed the flower on the dog’s nose – she/he is so patient! LOL The little toadstool is a great offering, too.

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  3. I’m glad you cleared that up, I was beginning to wonder at the god-like skill that might be needed to create a doggo from scraps… Your crochet skills are coming along nicely, and are already infinitely superior to mine 😂

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    You will be put to work teaching the crochet class soon!


  5. claire93

    looks to me like you’ve mastered crochet and are totally hooked!

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  6. I am enjoying and admiring the crochet progress! If you make a slightly bigger one it would become a hat instead of a snout-warmer!

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  7. your crochet skills are progressing nicely. Love the mushroom, how about a whole row of them? Hopefully St. David is as impressed as doggie.

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  8. I see a lovely mushroom, happy with all its colors, and then I get a bit farther in your post. Your flower got photo bombed by the dog lol, adorable!

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  9. I love the toadstool and the daffodil is magical. Your skills are progressing rapidly, but then, you have a teacher to hand. I like the colors…

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    • Thank you! It certainly helps having an expert around to guide. I am slowly acquiring the skills needed for a particular project I have in mind… 😁


  10. The mushroom is so cute!

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