About Jon Sayer


The Author researching leaning through the ages

After years of “doing other things”, I have eased my way into writing novels. Novel writing is a strange process, full of twists, turns and tea. And wine. And talented Vermont Teddy Bears called Auguste. And snails, well, one Snail in particular.

I learnt about computers and electronics from a relatively tender age, back when all you needed to fix a computer was a piece of string and a coloured bead. Now I apply that vast* knowledge to writing science fiction thrillers and other things too.

I live with a Snail, chickens, dogs and a lot of guitars.

I still “do things”, from time to time. And I love** DIY.

My novels are available to enjoy from here.





9 thoughts on “About Jon Sayer

  1. If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, you need to slap your name on damn-near everything on your blog. I wanted to quote you on my blog, and I had to look up your name on Amazon. It needs to be on your blog–preferably in the header somewhere (so it can be seen on every page), but definitely here on your About page.

    As an author, your name is EVERYTHING. You want people to reference you by name in conversations and on their blogs and in their reviews. Don’t make your name hard to find. It’s your brand. Your marketing tool. When people go to list their favorite authors, you don’t want, “and that guy from the writing blog.”


    • I feel a gigantic D’oh! moment coming on. You are absolutely right and I thank you for pointing it out. I started the blog sort of wanting to be anonymous yet I publish under my own name which is somewhat contradictory. Joined up writing but not joined up thinking!


  2. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and I noticed that you just started blogging the first of May. It’s taken me two years to figure out where I’m going with my blog and to start marketing it. I’ve had more than twice the number of hits in May than I’ve had at any other time in the past two years.


  3. Just to let you know that I have nominated you for a ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award (http://wp.me/p2mlPL-6x)… spreading the appreciation!


  4. Jon, I throw the baton at your feet! I’ve nominated you for the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’. Just answer the same questions I have on my blog (http://kate0murray.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/my-writing-process-blog-tour/) and then nominate authors you know.


    • Well thank you and I will do my best – I wondered what this was on the floor in front of me. I assumed it was something Sam wanted me to play with! I am having problems with WordPress at the moment (I think a lot of people are) and can’t access any of my posts or create new ones but I’ll figure it out soon and start nominating! Thank you again!


  5. Just had to share this wonderful synchronicity – started re-reading one of my favorite books ‘The Sound of Wild Snail Eating’, and halfway through put it down reluctantly to do some blog ‘housekeeping’ – looked up your ‘about you’, and found you talking about a snail… I love it…


    • Hee hee, sometimes the Universe just does that to say hello, I think! I have never heard of the book, I’ll be looking that up in a second.


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