Then there was the rain…


It has been a while since I posted here. I’m pretty sure that time does not run at a constant rate and is sensitive to diverse things such as temperature, happiness and percentage of blood in your alcohol (or vice versa).

Here in the UK we have officially had a heatwave, being 5 consecutive days of temperatures in excess of 5°C of the average for that day. Certainly one day was very hot for us, causing our dogs to almost melt. Good job they’re not chocolate*!

For inspiration, I walked around my writing office at Denmark Farm the other day, shortly after cooling rain had made it seem more like a normal British summer. The rain drops on the leaves and petals were too magnificent to ignore. So here they are…




  • If they were, I probably would have eaten them by now anyway…


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There’s no Stopping it!


5th March 2017 – a new Pea Obelisk


5th May 2017 – there’s more Obelisk than there was before!

The tutor for the willow weaving course at Denmark Farm in March said that if we left our creations out on soil, they would grow. He wasn’t kidding!

As Conchita Wurst said after winning Euovision in 2014, “We are unstoppable!” She was, of course, talking about willow.



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Poem: And then the leaves fell


Look at the colours.
Breathe that air.
Kick through those leaves.
Just because they’re there.

Snap that stick.
Kick that stone.
Feel the sun.
Feel at one.

Leave the world
far behind.
Forget your life,
the daily grind.

Imagine that tree
is a castle tall.
Imagine kicking that stone
didn’t hurt at all.

And the leaves fell

With the sound of rain

But I didn’t notice

No, I didn’t notice

Because I was too busy

Being nine again.



Pictures were taken at Denmark Farm 1st November 2016


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Of Mice and Shrews


Wood mouse? Of course, it would.

I took part in a Dormouse survey at Denmark Farm the other day. It was a fabulous day, six hours spent walking across the whole site checking the 45 nest boxes, scattered throughout the site, for signs of dormice. These small mammals are losing their habitat quicker than you can say “Cute!” and have an important place in the ecosystem (along with pretty much everything else except slugs and most politicians).

None have ever actually been found at Denmark Farm but, following a tell-tale nibble mark on a nut found in one of the fields, 6-monthly surveys of the mammal nesting boxes have been carried out. Would we find one this time?


A cotton bud. Or a pygmy shrew.


A duck-billed Platypus. Or a pygmy shrew.

No. But these Wood mouse and pygmy shrew pictures were just too cute not to share.


A Wood mouse trying to impersonate a pygmy shrew.

Maybe there will be dormice in the spring…


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Mrs Ghost (not) in the Limery


Resting on a packet of Squash seeds

Look what we found in the bathroom the other evening – it’s a female of the species (more deadly apparently, but this one seemed benign enough) of the Ghost Moth last seen in A Ghost in the Limery.


Ignoring the lights

Her wings look as if, unfurled, they would have inked on them an ancient treasure map or, perhaps, just a map of the Ghost Moth World.


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