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The Bum of the Flightle Bee

Spot the Bee

Spot the Bee

On Saturday last, PalletGate needed some of the regular TLC that characterises it’s very nature*, so what better time to ignore it and take photographs of a bee instead?

This is what happens when you leave your brassicas to flower (and who wouldn’t?) – not quite a riot of yellow flowers, but certainly a disturbance of the peace**.

Coming into land

Coming into land



Rubbish at hide-and-seek

Rubbish at hide-and-seek

Actually, I filmed this lovely anthophilioid and took some screen shots, not realising quite how colourful it was. It moved me to a form of poetry – that form being “Not Very Good” poetry:

Rudolph has his red nose,

a gardener, their green thumb.

Texas has a yellow rose,

this bee, an orange bum…

As PalletGate remained unattended to, I pondered who it was that said procrastination was a waste of time. Then I realised – the Oxford English Dictionary, that’s who.


* I.e. having been built by an amateur DIYer for whom the proverb “When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail” was clearly written for.

** If only there had been legumes in the shot, then it would have been a disturbance of the peas.

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