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Droning on a bit



A year or so ago, I posted a couple of aerial photos taken with the aid of a very long selfie-stick little flying drone thing that I had from the Snail as a birthday present. My intention was to take aerial shots of the garden (ours, no one else’s, honest) throughout the year.

Unfortunately, ghastly weather and being away from home working have meant that I have not really had the chance. BUT… yesterday was lovely weather, sunny with a chance of sun, so I headed out once more into the garden armed with the tiny drone – a dronette if you will.



I had already had to wedge a bit of plastic (from the end of the tuning pointer leftover from the wind-up radio repair) into the a gap to keep one of the motors making contact with the electicity, something quite important apparently, so I was being extra careful. The first launch saw the drone attach itself to the bird feeder, with a white rotor blade spinning off and landing at my feet.

The second lift-off was much better. With no breeze, the drone flew upwards…

I managed two pictures before disaster struck. That may be a record of some kind. The drone, like my career as a pilot, hit the gutter and plummeted to the ground.

The drone sustained a broken arm. It may be its leg, I don’t know. I have already replaced the arm/leg on the other side so this doesn’t bode well for robustness, but does give me the chance to redesign it a bit. Or use some glue. I’ll let you know what I decide.


…and back to Earth with a bump.



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