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Seventh Bun of a Seventh Bun

I have just received an e-mail from an old friend I knew from my time working on contract down South. She tells me that the IT department at the company has just altered the internet rules again and now she can no longer read my blog, or any other WordPress blogs, at work over lunchtime or, bizarrely, look at a site that arranges cupcake decoration classes. Whilst I can almost understand the former, the latter seems a bit harsh especially when you consider that the reason given is that the site “may contain adult content”.

I am all in favour of cupcakes being branded ‘Adults Only’. The more cakes there are available for me and Auguste (read The Furred Man to find out who Auguste is), the better. Children have all the cool toys, can use the excuse ‘I’m too young to know’ and it be true, and generally get away with murder, all in the name of innocence (except actual murder, obviously). We adults should have something to look forward to at the end of a long day writing/managing/manufacturing/drinking. Cupcakes are just the thing.

My friend, by the way, makes fantastic cakes – see pictures of them at Sugar and Spicer, on Facebook.

The only cake-like things I make are Mars Bar biscuits – they require the simplest kind of cooking. Melt stuff and mix it all up then let it cool, covering it in melted chocolate on the way. Not a single ingredient is healthy unless, like me, you consider cocoa to be a vegetable and therefore one of your five-a-day (for my readers in the States, five-a-day is a campaign to make us eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. Now a government edict, it started life as a supermarket advertising wheeze to sell more perishable goods. Oh. I have just discovered that you too have a five-a-day decree so please ignore the last three sentences. As Homer Simpson often says “D’oh!”).

I like the French approach – every town and village has to have a cake shop. Actually, I think it has to have a bakery but they all sell cakes too. Wonderful! There’s nothing like fresh bread and a massive sugar rush first thing in the morning to kick-start your day. No wonder by mid-morning, the French are blockading the Champs Elysee with tractors and giving Angela Merkel what for, while we are pondering whether to have our third cup of tea or coffee.

Talking of which, it’s tea time. After that, I need to attack part 2 of my novel with the kind of fervour only a sugar high can give you. Cupcake anyone?


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