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ScrapHappy September 2020: Illuminated Words

As with many of my ScrapHappy projects, this was a really simple idea that took ages to realise! As I have already mentioned on more than one occasion, my original Generation 3 Kindle became irreparable and was replaced by a Generation 2 model (earned through the medium of cheese-making). My Kindle cover has a built-in LED reading light, one that is powered off the Kindle itself – provided you use a Generation 3 model.

But if you could attach some some batteries…

My original plan was to use my non-patented bulldog clip battery holder (see here for the gory details) but with a smaller clip and smaller batteries. It was important that the cover still close once the batteries were fitted.

After three near misses between tiny button cells and my eyes, I decide to use slightly bigger batteries and some other holder. And then it hit me – and it wasn’t a button cell.

From one of the boxes of carefully stored bits and pieces came this – the circuit that was in a leaving card no less, one that made the sound of someone crying profusely every time it was opened**. 

Leaving Card Boo Hoo

I knew hanging on to this for a decade would pay off

I just needed to cut away the bits I didn’t need, reconfigure the holders so that there were in a straight line and that would be that…


In pieces…

I wired them such that the holders didn’t obstruct the page-turn buttons, and hey presto!


Checking they fit…


And then there was… a set of functional light emitting diodes


* Plan is a grandiose word here, vague idea is more accurate.

** Clearly the one which has the sound of someone breathing a sigh of relief was sold out.

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What’s in a… Kindle e-reader?


A Kindle on the edge… of being binned

Well, it’s a New Year, so what better time to peek into some useful device for no other reason than it was already broken when I picked up, honest? After the unqualified success of my last “What’s in a…” post, I thought I would try do it again, with something different.

Before the end of 2015, actually quite a way before, my lovely Kindle lost its own plot as well as those of the books stored on it. I suspect that the poor device knew what was in the pipeline – I discovered it had stopped working when I was about load onto it a copy of my NaNoWriMo efforts, “The Xylophone at the Gates of Dawn”. Personally, I would not have been offended if it had just said “No, please don’t make me store that rubbish in my brain”. However, my Kindle chose quietly to stop working. The charging light would only stay on for about twelve seconds (okay, exactly twelve seconds) before switching off. I am sure there is a little emoticon chappy that represents me going “harrumph”, but I haven’t found it yet.


Cover removed with a handy plectrum

Taking one of these things apart is actually quite easy as long as you remember to be gentle, to treat your Kindle kindly. The many plastic lug things that hold the case together can be eased apart with nothing stronger than a piece of plastic, rather than a metal screwdriver.* Personally, I use whatever was lying around – in this case, a guitar plectrum (my workbench is surrounded by guitars and broken dreams, so it wasn’t that surprising a choice). I have previously replaced the broken screen of niece-of-snail a year ago when she sat on her Kindle (probably) and learnt then that plastic beats metal at this task. There are also twenty tiny screws to remove – not so bad when you consider that the newer Kindle Paperwhite devices are simply glued to the screen so completely impossible to separate and thus to fix. Shame on you Amazon!


The battery and, below it, the 3G module. The bits shrouded in metal contain magic. Or possibly cheese.

My immediate thought was that the thin internal battery was finally too flat, electrically speaking, too far gone to be charged. I bought another but this, alas, failed to fix the problem. By jury-rigging a power supply where the battery goes, I tried to persuade the book-filled flat e-reader** to start up, which it sort of tried to then didn’t.


The back of a screen that has cracked up


What makes up the keyboard

It looked as if there was a component on the circuit board that had given up the ghost. Sadly, you can’t really fix a circuit board as found in modern devices – all-in-one with a few surface mount components. This kind of computing power has come at a price – fixability is zero. The only thing to do is to replace the whole board and then salvage any components you can for making up your own stuff.

So, I bought an old Kindle off e-Bay which was described as having a broken screen. Unfortunately, it too suffered from the 12 second charging light symptom as well and so behaved exactly the same way when I attached my presumed working screen. Perhaps my screen is broken too?

Oh well, back to the drawing board, a board lost under the mountain rubbish, er, useful things on my workbench (a wiring loom for a stuffed VW camper van doesn’t just make itself – it requires a whole mess of its own). I haven’t given up just yet though, as I want to see if my Kindle’s brain is still saying “hello” when it is powered up. If not, well, I’ll acquire a cheap second-hand screen and see if that works with the original circuit board. Or I’ll just stop reading e-books…

RIMG2459 - Copy

Still hovering close to the edge of landfill


* …or a hammer and chisel.

** If you can think of something to go there that makes sense and rhymes with ‘puss’, do let me know.

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A Blatant Plug 2


#32 in the charts, like Duran Duran’s (Reach up for the) Sunrise in the Irish charts in 2004

Yesterday I attained the dizzy heights of being a Top 40 author! Admittedly, it was in the chart for free kindle sci-fi downloads but, even so, it still gave me a sense of achievement*. BATDIG even reached the dizzy heights of #63 in the thriller chart (free kindle download version of course).

Naturally, it has yet to match its highest position – joint #1 in the “Kindle books by Jon Sayer” chart – but there is still time to download your copy for free and make it a smash overnight* success!

Two and a bit days left of the promotion – I would like to thank the already large number of people who have downloaded it this time around. To those of you who haven’t – go on, what have you got to lose? Nothing, that’s what!


* Which probably isn’t saying much considering I feel a sense of achievement every time I manage to open a bag of crisps without spraying the furniture with processed potato goodness. Mmm…processed potato goodness…

** Overnight = Over-one-and-a-bit-years

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A Blatant Plug


I know – the last time BATDIG part 1 was free on Amazon, you thought “I won’t have it now, that Sayer bloke probably won’t write part 2 anyway…” And you were almost right.

But, against your expectations, part 2 is out now, so why not dip into part 1 for free, gratis, dim arian and see how you get on?

You want to know what BATDIG is, don’t you? Of course you do!!

BATDIG part 1: available FREE from 30 May until 3 June in the Amazon Kindle store


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Thrifty grades of pay*

For the title, I thought I would hang onto the side of the bandwagon for a while before letting it get on its way…

I have been remiss and not posted over the last week but for a good reason** – I have been trying to commit more of BATDIG part 2 to paper (er, hard drive) before it all falls out of my head into my chilled glass of rosé (a 2008 Sancerre, very nice). Up until the day before yesterday, the wine was as the summer had been – wet and cold. Thankfully, the sun is shining and little by little the insects are coming back into the garden, to pollinate the veggies and distract me from my labours. I feel I should soak up a little UV while it’s here but it does mean that I can’t write direct onto the computer as it is simply too bright to use the tablet – no one does a screen as good as the Kindle’s. So, I have a notebook I put ideas in and sit with that, staring into the beans trying to look like a writer.

I am, bit by bit, coming to grips with writing as being my main activity. I am not quite at the Stephen King level of locking myself in my writing space (which in reality is the mess I like to call the office/studio/workshop) until I have written 2000 words every day, no matter what. But I am finding it easier to put a few hundred words on paper (er, oh you know what I mean) before the dreaded block appears.

It is like exercising a muscle –  the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the bigger it becomes. Then it possibly rips the arm of your tee shirt and you turn green although that may be due to imbibing too much wine.

Right on with the novel… I’ll put a bit of a teaser up later, if only to tempt you all to investigate part 1 so that you know what’s going on!


* What you earn as an unknown writer.

** Well, I think it’s a good reason.

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