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Robins can be very territorial, and the one who lives in our garden is no exception. This defence of his realm took less than a second. Fortunately, there was no blood.

Not this time anyway.


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Birds of (and not of) a Feather Flock… er, in the garden

The Fed Sparrows

The Fed Sparrows – I love the orderly queue on the Climbing Hydrangea

Now that our garden is once more a tranquil haven, punctuated only by the cursing of a man being attacked by a willow hedge (see Willow Talk – 1 for more details), the birds are back in numbers. The very occasional woodpecker may be great to see but I do love the common-or-garden ones too, particularly as their habitat is in decline. In the UK (and I guess elsewhere) concrete and lawn always seems to win out over food and bird feeders.

I keep a camera near the kitchen window – I could spend hours watching these guys. It’s like having a private TV channel!

We have Blue Tits in spades...

We have Blue Tits in spades…

...and on spades

…and on spades (he looks a bit annoyed at being photographed)

I just love watching this lot, taking it in turns to feed from the peanuts or chase each other off the seeds. I suspect that at least one of the juvenile Blue Tits is one born in our nest box, just round the corner from the Limery.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

A Chaffinch lurking...

A Chaffinch lurking…

...and a Robin not bob-bob-bobbin'.

…and a Robin not bob-bob-bobbin’

We actual have a camera in the nest box but this year those clever birds managed to completely knock the focus out – perhaps they were trying a selfie? I don’t know but see if you can spot the bird here:

If you kind of squint, you can see it. Sort of.

If you kind of squint, you can see it. Sort of.

And very occasionally, we have a visitor. We don’t see pigeons here on the coast by us here in Wales – they prefer to holiday on the Aberystwyth promenade where they can fight the seagulls for the chips. This one looked a bit bewildered (much as I am every day) but seemed to figure out about eating seeds and nuts dropped by the little ‘uns.

Slightly Lost-Looking Pigeon

Slightly Lost-Looking Pigeon

Our visitor doing his best to blend in

Spot the Pigeon: Our visitor doing his best to blend in

It’s so much better than pretty much anything on TV these days!


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