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Mend it Monday: The Shed’s too wet without Roof


Can’t Stand Losing You – well, any more of you…

Chez Snail’s shed was looking somewhat tatty in the roof department (a description that can equally be applied to me) and had, for the last year, been wetter and wetter inside after every drop of rain (which in Wales amounts to a fair few drops). It was time to put a new covering on before the next forecast monsoon was upon us…


So Lousy – this side isn’t much better

The last time the Snails fixed the shed roof, it was with the felt stuff, and it basically covered the bits of the roof where the original felt was either peeling or missing, presumed in a garden about ten miles away. The Snail did some research on t’interweb and found this material called Coraline, which I thought meant it was made from a blend of snow globes and Neil Gaiman books, but in fact turned out to be corrugated bitumen sheets.

The stuff arrived and I sawed it into pieces of appropriate size. There are no pictures of this as the language filter on my camera deleted them. It turned out that if you cut bitumen sheeting with a saw, the blade becomes coated in the stuff. It also turned out that, following bitter complaining, the Snail arrived with a can of WD40 with which to clean the saw. There was less swearing after that. The following day, we both set about putting the sheets in place. You will notice that I was not the one on the roof. This is because, in an inclusive world, there is no earthly reason why anyone, regardless of age, sexuality or belief, should not be able to climb on a roof and hit it with a hammer.

Unless, like me, you’re a wuss when it comes to heights.


Knocks Hand – actually, The Snail didn’t, keeping all her fingers safely out of harm’s way

It only took a sunny Sunday morning (about 3 hours, we started at 10a.m. so as not to completely destroy the lie-in of anyone in the vicinity) and a million nails with special waterproof caps to fit the eight sheets and four ridges in place.

Two days later, it started to pour with rain. We had nearly an inch of rain in 24 hours.

Inside the shed, it was drier than Jack Dee standing in the Sahara on a pile of silica gel.


Invisible Pun (couldn’t think of any more)


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Burning Pulling down the House Shed


Full Metal Shed

Three weeks into NaNoWriMo 2015, and clearly it is time to interact with the real world again, just for a bit. Actually, I had known for sometime that I would be doing this in November so tried to be ahead of the daily word count before setting off.

The task in question was to re-purpose Sister-of-Snail’s metal shed thing at the end of her garden. SOS has done absolutely incredible things with this garden, putting the edible in incredible in fact. The metal shed was to be transformed into a fruit cage, because the fruit in Shropshire is vicious and needs to be contained (I am guessing that’s the reason and I was once savaged by a damson so know about such things).


One Bare Side


An annoyed Inhabitant – grrr


I can see a Giant Connect 4 Set from here!*


Almost Topless

In fact, when it came to it, the removal of the metal panels was not difficult at all – just two bolts gave us grief, but we didn’t have to resort to too much brute force and ignorance (which is a shame because I have the latter in spades). The local inhabitants were unhappy at the whole affair, but ran off (so I’m told, I was too busy running in the other direction to notice).


Fully Naked Metal Shed

After a day of toil (OK, leisurely DIY), we were joined by the rest of family highbankcottage and topped off the day with a wonderful community meal around SOS’s kitchen table. Lots of pizza and wine (not for tiddly highbankcottage though, she hates pizza, er, I mean, she wasn’t allowed wine) were consumed, and it was so nice to sit down with your fellow toilers and shoot the breeze for a few hours. I guess it’s what community is all about.


Paint Your Wagon non-Metal Shed


The Colour Purple (Sweet Damson actually)


Paint (Mis)behavin’

Next morning, I woke to the sound of Niece-of-Snail painting the framework (OK, I didn’t, she doesn’t paint that noisily). I wrote a few hundred words for NaNoWriMo, but actually wanted to continue with the re-purposing activities. There were two – remove the section of frame inside the soon-to-be fruit cage and see if the recycled mesh (from highbankcottage) could be persuaded to stay on the walls.


Shed in See-through Clothing

I returned to Chez Snail on the Monday, feeling quite satisfied at the weekend’s results. On the Tuesday, I started on NaNoWriMo and found that I had renewed energy to direct towards the story. Clearly having a break and doing something completely different with my brain did it, and the writing, some good. Five days later, the 50,000 words were written and the fruit cage was still upright. No doubt I will help to put the rest of the mesh up over the next couple of months – there’s no rush for that yet.


 A Happy Gang at the end of the day


*Next door is a primary school with a giant Connect 4 set that Mr HighBankCottage was coveting. The Connect 4, not the school. It was a struggle to stop him climbing over for a game, as if taking a shed apart wasn’t entertainment enough.



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