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ScrapHappy February 2022: Counter Indication

All the salvaged wood that's needed for this project

All the salvaged wood that’s needed for this project

As my reader may remember, last month’s ScrapHappy post was a pile of, well, wood. In fact, once the two partition walls and a changing room were removed, there was a large pile of reclaimed material to use. I was a little bit proud that we had stopped all this stuff going into a skip, as now seems to be the norm with building materials like these.

Last month I said the first project would be a breakfast bar to go between the teaching space and the kitchen upstairs in the shop. I was wrong. The first project was, in fact, a shop counter. The Snail chose two shelves that would be the template for the top of the counter and I then constructed the most dubious framework to hold it up off the floor. On the plus side, the floor of the shop is absolutely level, in all directions. On the minus side, I was going to construct the framework. I might even use some of the salvaged screws too.

From the top...

From the top…

OK, I only used about half a dozen salvaged screws as they mostly had worn out heads (like mine), having originally been driven into the wood using something that was a combination of a pneumatic wheel nut gun and Mjollnir*.

Spirit level stand (you can't see it, but the spirit level is, in fact, level)

Spirit level stand (you can’t see it, but the spirit level is, in fact, level)

I am pretty sure that some of the uprights aren’t as upright as they should be and, yet, the counter top is as level as the floor on which it stands so I am not going to be looking too closely for now. I just hope it can support the weight of the till, fabric, cups of coffee, dragons etc.!

Clamp down (I know! I used a grown-up bit of DIY gear!)

Clamp down (I know! I used a grown-up bit of DIY gear!)

I am going to use some of the hardboard removed from the partitions to clad the outside and hide the shelf I am going to fit inside – but I ran out of time before this post had to be written! If you check out the shop’s Instagram site (@thesnailofhappiness) you will probably see a picture of the completed counter there.

Hopefully, the dragon won't frighten away too many customers!

Hopefully, the dragon won’t frighten away too many customers!

A nearly-completed counter - just some side panels to go on

A nearly-completed counter – just some side panels to go on


* Thor’s hammer.

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Free wood for mats*


Slightly on the wobbly side – and that’s before I’ve had any wine!

Way back in the mists of time, well two and a bit months ago, snailMum gave us a Solstice present. The two glasses in the picture are from Ngwenya Glass in Swaziland (I gather snailMum got a bit lost on her way to the supermarket – only kidding.) who create these amazing vessels from glass collected from all the corners of the Kingdom of Swaziland. The company also uses waste newspaper for packing, rainwater for its workshop and old engine oil to power its furnace.

Because both glasses are somewhat lopsided when freestanding and reasonably full of liquid, I thought I would make a couple of coasters for them to sit in that would ensure their precious cargo** was protected from accidental spillage. That thought happened about two and a bit months ago. I guess it’s a long way from one side of my brain to the other. All that empty space to cross… anyway, I digress.


As luck would have it, today I was out walking the dog and discovered a piece of new-looking 4″ x 2″ wood, lying by the side of the road. There are often things lying by the side of the road that the Snail and I recover. I have a bit from a tractor that I am sure will come in use one day. It’s been around nine hundred days so far, and that one day hasn’t arrived yet.


Max “helped”



I used the O-ring from a Kilner jar as a rough template and cut a groove a few millimetres deep around the circle marked. I cut a 32 mm hole and used an old chisel, by which I mean an old screwdriver (because I don’t have an old chisel – or a new one in fact.), to hollow out the wood. The bits removed will be used to boil the Kelly Kettle for a cup of tea tomorrow. I will oil the holders at some point. They will be well oiled. You can make your own joke up.

For DIY that I am involved in, it didn’t take too long to do. And now I feel we have some holders that were made from a discarded resource to match the glasses. Thank you Thimothy! Cheers!



* This a pastiche on Free Food for Rats. Probably.

** If wine isn’t precious, I don’t know what is.

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