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Cores and Effect

ds RIMG6210

Wire or wool?

A while ago, I took this picture of cables at the Science museum (I know a photogenic subject when I see one*) and remarked how like hanks of wool they were. Well, have a look at this**:

DS xsections

What’s all this then?

It reminds me of crocheted coasters as made by the Snail, and heaps of balls of wool:

In fact these are…drum roll… cross-sections of various types of electric cable.

Cool, huh?

Sometimes I wonder if I should be knitting or soldering!***


* Oh yeah?

** Picture from here. I first saw this on Twitter – the image is on Imgur but I can’t see who to credit. If it’s yours, let me know!

*** The answer is soldering.

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A Couple of Good Yarns

Both these yarns could be yours!

Both these yarns could be yours!

In a rush of blood to the head caused by turning too many cartwheels in celebration of completing NaNoWriMo this year and knitting for Wovember, the Snail and I are giving things away – yarn and a book, or possibly yarn and yarns (the same word, the latter use attributed to sailors telling stories whilst engaged in menial work such as yarn-twisting – hence ‘to spin a yarn’).

First there’s my book Kirkenes Blue: a gripping yarn of intrigue and deceit under the beauty of the Northern Lights. The perfect read for when you need a rest from all the knitting!

But that’s not all! There’s a ball of fabulous self-patterning 4 ply yarn. There’s 100g in the ball which is plenty to make a pair of socks and it’s 75% Merino wool so is lovely and soft, but with 25% synthetic fibre to make it hard wearing [please note: I have no idea what some of that means but the Snail wrote it, and she knows about that stuff, so it must be right].

If you want a chance to win this pair of yarns, simply leave a comment below; and if you want to double your chances, head over to thesnailofhappiness’s blog and leave a comment on her post about this give-away too.

We will send the package anywhere in the world and all comments left before the end of Sunday 6 December (UK time) will be included in the draw.

Good luck!


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