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Yurt Up


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Here is the companion movie to my movieĀ Yurt Down – you will have to sing the Benny Hill tune (otherwise known as Yakety Sax) yourselves as you watch, since a broken guitar, a guitar synth unable to keep up with the music and a feeling both these things were messages from the Universe not to bother means that there is no soundtrack attached.



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A Busy Sunday

Play Yurt Down time lapse film

Click to play “Yurt Down” time lapse film

Yesterday was Sunday which, when you are self-employed, has no special meaning to it. So, my Sunday started with gardening, in particular the only gardening I can be trusted to do on my own, that being moving soil. Our new raised bed (built with the Limery) is now ready for some squashes…

After that exertion, I needed to sit down with a cup of coffee and a bacon butty, which was exactly what happened. And locally-produced bacon, to boot.

THEN… I put together the time lapse film of myself and a few volunteers taking down the yurt at Denmark farm. This is something I have blogged about before, but I thought it might be fun to produce a time lapse film of the event. I intend to make another one when we put the thing up next spring. I discovered that my trusty camera has a setting to tell it to take a picture every so often so, in true pioneering spirit, I decided to give it a go. Click on the picture at the top to watch the result on Youtube.


A guitar with, frankly, too many strings to its fretboard…

Having pieced together the film, I decided to record a simple soundtrack to accompany it. I used this as an excuse to play the guitar in the picture above – I bought it about five years ago and haven’t really quite mastered yet. Listening to my efforts now, I think I have quite a way to go!

Surprisingly, I finished composing (if that’s what it can be called) and recording “Yurt Down Blues”, all one minute 6 seconds of it, in time for a cup of tea and a look at the crossword.

Sunday’s can be quite satisfying sometimes!


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Yurt-y Dancing


Walls have (Volunt)eers

26th April. Oh yes, it must be late spring because it is time to put the Denmark Farm yurt up again!

So, a brave band of volunteers braved the lovely weather – er, and the five minutes of snow – to erect the yurt that, this year, has a completely new canvas which includes an extra bit that goes over the top to help protect the main canvas from the elements. Or so I was told.


Gary wanting to know why I have abandoned my post


Crowning Glory

A gang of six of us made short work of putting up the walls and fixing the crown. A yurt is a truly wonderful piece of engineering and has a certain beauty, even ‘naked’ without its canvas. But not very weatherproof.

After a short break for coffee and lemon drizzle cake, we embarked on fitting the canvas.


The old canvas (poor thing, I think it was about six years old) was beginning to look a bit tired and, although there was still a few years left in the material, it was decided that a new one was in order. The new yurt was made by someone in Pembrokeshire who agreed to pass the old one onto Calais where it will be used in the refugee camp there. How great is that?


The Yurt has got its hat on… er, nearly


Just needs its cap on now

Fitting the canvas, the green bit (which is made of similar material to a ground sheet and so quite heavy) and the window on the top took a bit of finagling and involved the use of a really clever fast release knot, which seemed like to magic to me (one end of the rope tightened the knot, the other undid it).

We needed some new pegs to attach the guy ropes to, so made these with the help of a shave horse. A shave horse is a great tool, you can make one yourself pretty easily and it does not involve shaving, horses, or shaving horses.


Making proper tent pegs


With the new yurt in place, it was time for tea and cake. Again. You can see why volunteer days are popular!


Ready for the arduous tea-drinking stage

Fancy spending a night or two in it? Go on! Check out for more information.




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The Yurt Locker

Time for you to hibernate...

Time for you to hibernate…

In April last year, I went and helped put up a Yurt at Denmark Farm (the Everybody Yurts saga). I missed out on taking it down, and then missed out on putting it up again because of a burning desire* to work, so imagine how happy I was to be able, finally, to complete the cycle. Very much hoping that the high wind wouldn’t bring with it rain of epic, or indeed any, proportions, I headed over to Lampeter…

A Ghost in front of a topless Yurt

A Ghost in front of a topless Yurt

Adding to the great sense of usefulness one feels when doing a spot of volunteering, the weather was perfect, as was the company, and we polished off the chocolate, er, yurt removal in no time. Over the winter, the canvas will be replaced as it has come to the end of its useful life (as a yurt covering that is – I am sure someone will reuse it for something else!).

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

Nearly naked Yurt

Nearly naked Yurt

A Lonely Door

A Lonely Door but Gary seems to be proposing to it, so not for long

All gone... until Spring!

All gone… until Spring!

The Yurt Locker

The Yurt Locker (plus Gary)

What a great way to start a week – back to writing now!


* For burning desire, read unkindled necessity…

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Everybody Yurts (3): Intent on Finishing

And so it came to pass that in the land of the Mabinogion and cawl, a strange building with one eye lifted to the sky, appeared on the landscape, apparently in response to the four people who were stood around it, magically chanting the mysterious incantation: “Can we stop and have a cuppa then?”

A Window on the Stars

A Window on the Stars

So, the yurt is almost complete. The canvas for the sides also has some oak leaf-shaped windows cut out of it for good measure. Once the side piece was attached to the frame, the broom handle was out again as we positioned the yurt’s “hat” – the canvas with a see-through plastic top that sits over the crown. This allows the yurt to breathe whilst keeping the inhabitants dry (not that it ever rains in Wales!). The hat is fastened with guy ropes to stop it blowing away (not that it is ever windy in Wales!).

Keeping the Yurt's Hat on

Keeping the Yurt’s Hat on


With all the structural bits done, it’s just a question of cleaning and bringing in the chairs. These are beautifully carved and feel as if they truly belong inside the yurt. A wood burner completes the fittings, along with its chimney and custom-made chimney holder-upper*.

Chaise Yurt

Chaise Yurt

One completed Yurt, detached, all mod-cons.

One completed Yurt, detached, all mod-cons.

Inside, all is calm…

Ready to live in

Ready to live in


And there it is – up until the end of autumn, so (blatant advert approaching) book early to avoid missing out (!

Fully clothed Yurt

Fully clothed Yurt


* That is the technical name. The common name is “chimney thingy do-dah”.

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