Book (and photo)-bombing on the High Seas

Auguste Banque’oliday believes in the gift of giving. He thinks waiting until the midnight sun is shining and then donating a copy of a book to a local library is a great thing to do.

About to do the deed

About to do the deed

So, now the MS Trollfjord has a copy of BATDIG in its library, for present and future passengers to find and wonder what language the word “BATDIG” comes from.

In Photobombing mood

In Photobombing mood

Good work, Auguste!


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3 thoughts on “Book (and photo)-bombing on the High Seas

  1. That is very generous of you to “confuse a cat”. Some people like crosswords. Some people like to watch murder mysteries. Some people like to ponder the endless mysteries of life, the universe and everything. I think you just gave someone their “ponder fodder”. Well done Mr Snail.

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