Why I walked 21 miles for Wildlife

A week ago (28th April), I completed a 21 mile walk to raise money for Denmark Farm Conservation Centre. Surprisingly, I suffered few ill-effects and was able to drink beer and eat chocolate again some thirty seconds after finishing. Last Wednesday, I strolled around Denmark Farm and tried to capture a little of why I want others to support the place as I do….


Denmark Farm is a haven for wildlife whose habitats are being destroyed by Human activity…


… even common not-very-pretty wildlife…


…. as well as the classic stuff.


Preservation of these habitats needs some Human intervention, and that costs money, even the dull stuff like fencing


We also monitor wildlife as best we can to see the difference we are making


And I have a wonderful place to come and write when there’s time!

If you would like to support Denmark Farm, we have volunteer days, a wide variety of courses, and holiday accommodation (Eco-lodge, glamping, camping). And if none of that appeals, you can always bung us a couple of quid on our donations page. THANK YOU!


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7 thoughts on “Why I walked 21 miles for Wildlife

  1. It is lively to hear of your concern for the farm’s environment. The world needs more people with environmental awareness. Where is the farm, may I ask?


    • Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! The Farm is near Lampeter in West Wales, UK (so not Denmark at all!). It was a farm until about 1987 when it started the process of becoming a Conservation Centre. 30 years on and we are proud of the diversity of flora and fauna (including people) that use the place in some way, and of the habitats that have been created. If you are ever this way, do call in!

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      • I am in Australia, so there isn’t much chance of me being able to call in on Wales in the near future, but one never knows. I often visit Scandinavia, so it is not too far from there by plane. I am pleased to hear that it has been progressing for many years. Are there native animals present in the conversation area?

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        • There are indeed! We have nesting owls, woodpeckers, tree creepers, sparrows and ll manner of relatively common British birds (although they are becoming less common as their habitats, mostly gardens, are being lost). There are bats, hedgehogs, foxes, a visiting badger and many shrews, mice and voles. And butterflies, crickets, frogs…
          I set out trail cameras and try to film the wildlife. A time lapse of birds can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEqEQAHaB3g&t=13s
          I keep meaning to put some videos up on my YouTube channel and will get round to it soon! There are other blog posts (tagged Denmark Farm) on my blog and on the http://www.Denmarkfarm‘org.uk website.
          Many thanks for your interest, it’s good to know someone else wants to preserve the natural world! 🙂

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          • It sounds like you are a real naturalist! And it also sounds like the farm is alive with a multitude of creatures. I have to confess in not knowing what a shrew is. Even though I haven’t seen a vole, my kids had a children’s book about Voles going a voling. It was a beautiful story about friendship and was very valued in our family. I will take a look at the links. Thank you.

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  2. I hope you managed to get your feet cooled down before they burst into flame Jon. Well done, that’s no mean feat. Thank you for caring so much.

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    • Surprisingly, feet merely smouldered and muscles only complained for a day or so. I put it down to my fierce exercise regimen that involved religiously walking to the fridge everyday and consuming wine/chocolate. Oh, and Kendal Mint Cake on the walk itself!


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