ScrapHappy May 2020: I can’t believe it’s not a battery holder!


What on earth could you make with these bits of scrap (not the coaster, I need that to put my coffee on)?

I said I would do an electronics-based ScrapHappy because, you know, why not? This is a very simple thing but will be handy to, well, me because I build things from time to time that use these little coin batteries. They need a holder since soldering direct to them is pretty dangerous and makes replacement, well, pretty dangerous too.

So, all you need is a piece of insulating material (like cardboard, thin wood, or an offcut of plain stripboard like I have used here), a piece of stiff, uninsulated wire (an offcut from a component lead is what I used, about 2cms long) and a small bulldog clip (colour optional).

Put the ends of the wire through holes 0.5cm or so apart (long enough to provide a good base for the battery to sit on) and join the ends on the other side. These form your negative connection unless you put the battery in the other way up.


Then put the clip over as shown and remove the bottom handle (? Opening oojamaflip? Thing you press to open the clip). The top flippy-opener thing is the positive connection). Easy, huh?

Eh, voila! One battery clip for any number of coin cells from one to, oh I don’t know, let’s say three (actually, as many as will fit under the clip without pinging out at an inconvenient time).


Powering two-thirds of another thing built from scraps


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18 thoughts on “ScrapHappy May 2020: I can’t believe it’s not a battery holder!

  1. Well, that went whistling straight over my head, because, well, *electronics*… How about ‘lever’ instead of oojamaflip or doodah? Boring, I know, but isn’t that, er, what it does? And next time, are you going to show the fully completed whatever it is you’re building that you needed to power?

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  2. I love that. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am glad the bulldog clip colour is optional!

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  4. I’m with Kate – thanks for the explanations! Now I’m wondering whether my engineer husband would find this post useful or just distracting…

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  5. Joanne S

    Pretty cool project. Like the other ; not very *electrical minded* but I get the gist. Nice!

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